Do You Experience Any Of The Following Symptoms?

  • Weight gain around middle?
  • Feeling tired especially at 3PM?
  • Feeling foggy?
  • Waking through the night?
  • Poor memory?
  • Depression and Irritability?
  • Having no interest in sex?
  • Constipation?
  • Aching muscles and joint pain?
  • Muscle cramps?
  • Worrying you may be infertile?
  • Craving sugar and carbs?
  • Feeling the cold?
  • Hair loss?
  • Using coffee and alcohol to lift you?
  • Poor concentration?

Could You Have A Thyroid problem?

At The Lucy Rose Clinic we specialise in treating thyroid conditions. Using modern diagnostics and skilled interpretation, our goal is to identify the underlying causes of your ill health. We use an integrative approach (both western and natural medicine) to get you back to feeling yourself again.

Answered YES to three or more?

If so you may have an under active thyroid gland – even if you have had ‘normal’ blood test results from your GP.

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