The thyroid is shaped like a butterfly

But an unhealthy thyroid will make you feel anything but beautiful and graceful.



The thyroid is a butterfly shaped, hormonal gland that sits in your throat. It sits just below your Adams apple and has two lobes that sit either side of your wind pipe. The thyroid hormones (called T4, T3, T2 and T1 and calcitonin) act like chemical messengers and deliver instructions to various tissues and organs via the bloodstream. The cells within the target organs then use the thyroid hormones and respond by using energy to speed up or slow down their activities. Calorie burning is an essential bodily function, our tissues and organs cannot function at a healthy rate without it. Therefore balancing your thyroid gives you the best possible chance to lose that extra weight.

Overall, the thyroid gland is responsible for the speed of metabolism (metabolic and chemical processes) in your body (including reflex speed, heart speed, mental speed and many more), by affecting every cell, tissue, organ and organ system in your body. The thyroid gland is therefore essential for life, weight management, growth and development. It works with all the hormones in the body to tell them what to do and how to work.


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