Adrenal Plus Profile

What is it?

The Adrenal Plus Profile provides a much more in-depth examination of your adrenal hormones, including:

  • Diurnal saliva cortisol testing on three levels
  • Close examination of your melatonin
  • Map out your DHEA hormone levels


Why The Lucy Rose Clinic uses this test


Measuring and mapping your adrenal profile provides important information for your practitioner about how your body regulates sleep and stress – both common problem areas for thyroid sufferers.


Why do I need it?


Cortisol: testing for cortisol indicates that there is no Cushing’s or Addison’s dieasese, but the three markers of the test also map out the hormone’s diurnal patterns (day/night). Discovering the ratio of cortisol production throughout the day reveals knowledge about how the body approaches a sleep cycle. 

Melatonin: this neurotransmitter/hormone should peak at night time; low levels can cause poor quality sleep. Melatonin is not only associated with insomnia and fatigue, but is also necessary for inflammation and sugar regulation, healing, and supporting metabolism. 


DHEA: often referred to as the ‘anti-aging’ hormone, DHEA is a precursor to the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. Low levels can indicated autoimmune conditions, memory loss, weakness, mood problems and poor energy. High levels can indicate fatigue, weight gain, acne, irritability and stress, and infertility.


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