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3 Little Known Warning Signs of Dehydration

By Lucy Rose Clinic

December 2, 2020

The Importance of Hydration

Dehydration affects us so profoundly, yet most people don’t do the simplest and cheapest thing for good health – and that is to drink enough water!

How much water you need depends on several factors, and a standard recommendation is 2 liters a day. That does suit most people. Well, that suit a 60kg person who doesn’t do enough exercise to sweat, and doesn’t take more than 1 medication, and who is not dealing with any other factors that may require more hydration in the body.

Dr. Carey Ream’s devised a mathematical formula for the human body, and one part of this formula the calculation for the correct intake of water.

It is well known that too little water causes health consequences, and also too much will too.

Dr. Carey Ream’s water intake formula is simple to calculate. Keep in mind this does not suit someone who sweats a lot, like when exercising or labouring outdoors. On a calculator, type in your weight in kg and multiple it by 0.03. The answer is the amount of liters you should drink for optimal biochemical function.

If you find you drink less than you should, it leads to the accumulation of toxins and dehydration.

If you drink more than you should, it leads to electrolyte imbalances, which affects energy, fluid retention, and can be the cause of muscle cramping and headaches.

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3 Warning Signs

1. Reaching constantly for your lip balm. If you need lip balm on you at all times, then that is a sign of cellular dehydration. It may also be a mineral issue, and you may need electrolytes to help move the water into the cell.

2. Bad breath. Also called halitosis. There are many other reasons why someone can have bad breath, from a congested bowel, to a dental issue, but a good first thing to do is up the water. Our saliva is antimicrobial and helps to keep bacteria in our mouth in balance. When we are dehydrated, our saliva flow is one of the first things to slow down. This results in bacteria thriving on the tongue, and that causes bad odour.

3. Weird food cravings. Usually this will present as sugar cravings, but it can also be any type of food. When you are dehydrated, your body cannot absorb nutrients from the food you eat adequately. So your body sends the message that it needs food. This is one reason drinking the right amount of water is important if you are trying to lose weight!

If you find that you fall off the wagon and slip into bad health habits easily, working with a naturopath on an individualised wellness program supports compliance, goal setting and successes, and treats your individual health concerns to move toward to healing.

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