3 Warning Signs of Excess Estrogen + Patient Story

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Today I wanted to share a quick lesson on Esterogen and how it affects the body.

There’s a multitude of side effects that come with too much estrogen, and too much estrogen can play a big impact on our bodies.

Thyroid conditions (pre-existing) or post hormone cycles develop and create a “Snowball-Like” Effect on your body when you have Too Much Estrogen.

What are the Top 3 Signs of too much estrogen?

1. Weight Gain or Inability to shift your weight (See image on the right) During peak body changes like menopause, or post child birth, your body’s hormones were getting directed to priority regions.
And this often causes a shift in estrogen. Which has a domino effect and leads to other issues.

2. Swollen or Tender Breasts If in case you aren’t pregnant and still feel breast tenderness and soreness, it could be due to excess estrogen.

3. Thyroid Dsyfunction When estrogen levels increase, thyroid binding globulin, the thyroid binding protein increases.

This results in low levels of T4 and T3, the thyroid hormones as they get attached to the thyroid binding globulin. This results in dysfunction of the thyroid hormones preventing them from entering the cells causing symptoms of hyperthyroidism.

We have a patient, Jennifer, 48, in Newcastle that shared her story about “too much estrogen”.

Here’s what she had to say…

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When she came to us and fairly sure her hormones were normal! She had regular pain free cycles and was not menopausal. Having suffered acne as a child, and with a history of PCOS, her doctor had told her the PCOS had resolved.

All of a sudden out of nowhere she started to develop cystic acne which was embarrassing and painful. Despite all sorts of facials and expensive skin care regimes, she kept breaking out.

Feeling the best course of action was to see her GP she was prescribed anti-biotics and hormones.

Reluctantly she took a course of the antibiotics but refused the hormones as her intuition told her there was a better way.

Her thyroid profile was actually pretty good but when we ran her hormone profile it was obvious where the problem was.

Her oesterogen (E3) was 98 when it should have been less than 9 and her progesterone and testosterone where at the levels of a senior citizen!

FREE 15 Minute Phone Consultation with a Practitioner

Given that her GP wanted to suppress her male hormones, this would have only made matters worse.

We treated Jennifer with herbs to bring her hormones back into balance, a powerful supplement to clear excess oestrogen and toxins from her liver.

When we repeated the hormone profile 6 months later it was perfect. Jennifer has had no further acne outbreaks and it eternally grateful that she come to us for wholistic advice and treatment.

Her only regret is that she didn’t do it sooner.

Being mindful of the early signs, and supporting your body with the nutrients that your body is asking for, makes a big difference in your long term health and prevention.

We even have a Sex Hormone Profile that some of our patients do just in case they have symptoms of too much estrogen.

If you have any questions or think you may have something going on, please call us at 1300 THYROID to see if coming to see us can help you. (Our booking consultants are fully qualified practitioners.)


PS – The Thyroflex is a REFLEX Test that tests whether your thyroid hormone is optimal performance. You can see it here: https://thelucyroseclinic.lpages.co/get- your-thyroid-tested/

PPS – We have 13 clinics across Australia and we support REMOTE patients, so just ask us what’s close to you when we speak.