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42yr Woman’s Amazing Results

By Lucy Rose Clinic

July 14, 2021

One of our clients recently came in after having thorough testing done through her GP and was told all results were normal.

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Maree had been told that her blood tests were normal and that she was experiencing ‘normal’ signs of early-onset perimenopause at 42 years of age. She was prescribed an anti-depressant which she declined and decided to seek another approach to her health. Upon some google searching, she looked at several clinics, and then one of our ads popped up on Facebook and she downloaded the eBook on offer.

Everything resonated in that book, and she booked the first appointment that very night.

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Her top three priorities in life when first seeing us were;

  • Reclaim energy and vibrancy
  • Improve sleep
  • Balance her hormones and feel ‘normal’ again.

Initial Appointment Notes

Maree actually had a lot more going on than she realised, thinking that certain things were normal because she had had them for so long!

Other warning signs that her body was showing included:

  • Low libido
  • Irregular heavy periods
  • Situational Anxiety
  • Low motivation and minor depressive swings
  • Reliance on food and alcohol as a coping strategy
  • Weight gain around the trunk
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Slow digestive function
  • Food reactions
  • Dull and brittle hair and nails
  • Melasma
  • Very dry skin

Maree joined our 12-month membership and we ran thorough functional pathology which uncovered:

  • Hashimoto’s and suboptimal hypothyroidism
  • Stage 3 adrenal exhaustion (see image)
  • Estrogen dominance
  • Slow liver clearance
  • Impaired methylation
  • Severe deficiency in iodine and vitamin D
  • Moderate deficiency in base minerals and vitamins

Maree’s practitioner prescribed a compounded nutritional formula designed for her covering her specific nutritional deficiencies, crafted a herbal medicine formula in liquid extract form, and built a diet plan based on her food intolerance results.

Her results speak for themselves!

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