Kangaroo as an Alternative Source of Meat

Kangaroo as an Alternative Source of Meat

Have you tried Kangaroo as an alternative source of meat – Here’s some reasons why it is worth giving a go….

Kangaroo meat is a good healthy way of increasing protein and adding diversity to your diet. Especially if you are currently working on the AIP (Autoimmune) diet with your Lucy Rose practitioner or even just trying to increase your intake of good protein.


Here’s some reasons why: 

1. It’s Nutritious, lean and high in protein
Kangaroo meat has ‘Nutritionally desirable attributes’ (Australian Government 2018) and is a viable and good alternative to other meats on the market. Unlike lots of other meats Kangaroo is lean, that is low is saturated fat, and high in protein. It is also a great source of iron and zinc – two micronutrients we often see low in thyroid patients.

2. It’s well priced
Kangaroo mince is currently around $10 per kg with the higher quality fillet around $16 per kg. (based on my own investigation of the local supermarket in Feb 2018!). This price compares well to lamb or beef.



3. Not farmed and thus more ethical.
Australia has in place a set culling program to control kangaroo numbers in Australia and currently most of the culled animals are used only for their hide. This means the meat goes to waste. This culling program is supported by leading scientist at the CSIRO (ACT Government 2016). Therefore, Australians could increase their consumption of Kangaroo without actually needing to increase how many are needed to be culled (Australian Government 2018).



4. Lower environmental impact
Kangaroos have evolved to be gentle on the Australian environment and their way of life is more sustainable for the land itself. As they are not farmed there is no added cost (financial and environmental) such as machinery, fencing, grain, chemical used in commercial farms. They are the ultimate ‘free range’ meat on the market!


Kimberly our Adelaide Naturopath has a Thermomix and recommends substituting kangaroo steak for beef in the Sri Lankan Red curry (recipe from the Basic Cookbook.) “The flavor of this meal is amazing, with many of the fresh herbs having their own therapeutic value and benefits for digestion. I find the slower cooking methods fantastic for any red meats, and Kangaroo is much nicer to eat than other game foods like goat curry! I serve with coconut yogurt, gluten free poppadoms and cauliflower rice”




SIDE NOTE – Why we need to eat good quality protein daily

Proteins are the building blocks of our organs, tissue, muscles, and hormones. They are involved in making sure our body can function as it should. For example, our thyroid hormones Thyroxine (T4) and Triiodothyronine (T3) are composed of tyrosine and iodine. Tyrosine is an amino acid which is broken down from protein. Another good example is Seretonin our ‘feel good hormone’ is biochemically derived from another amino acid tryptophan. Talk to your Lucy Rose practitioner to assess whether you are getting enough good quality protein in your daily diet

Anna Gooch, form The Lucy Rose Clinic Melbourne

Anna Gooch, form The Lucy Rose Clinic Melbourne

Anna Gooch Andrew

Anna holds an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and an Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine.Anna has a lifelong love of herbs, nutrition, healthy living and yoga. After a year spent volunteering in regional Bangladesh running nutritional programs with local groups of women and children, Anna returned to Australia with a number of health concerns. In dealing with these, she came to realise the benefits that natural medicine could bring and this inspired her to study Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine. These practices have transformed her own life as well as the lives of many of her closest friends.

Anna believes that natural medicine is a powerful tool that can help all people achieve good health and her knowledge, caring attitude and empathy allow her to help her clients in the same way that she has helped herself and her friends. She also works as a yoga teacher for the Fernwood gym in Yarraville. She also holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science degree and a Bachelor of Social Science degree.

Anna is a registered member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA).


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