Seven Compelling Reasons to use The Lucy Rose Clinic

1. Qualified and Experience Practitioners.

All the practitioners at the Lucy Rose Clinic are qualified with many years of experience.
We are mentors and health coaches to other health professionals. Our sole emphasis is to focus on treating you as an individual and rejuvenating your total body systems. Our centres have been designed from the ground up with this one clear focus. To provide a safe, non-toxic, welcoming place where men and women can come, relax and have their individual needs addressed. We like to think we help make your dreams of excellent health a reality


2. Leading Equipment

Our company has the latest breakthrough technologies; we are constantly testing and refining our cutting edge technology, so you get maximum results in minimum time. Our state of the art equipment is certified…ensuring you get the best treatment available. All supplements are practitioner only ranges, and we have researched them thoroughly to ensure that we only prescribe what we believe is the best on the market.


3. Pure clean water with your treatment

One of the key ingredients to expelling toxins and healing your body is water. Not just any old tap water. We will show you just how important filtered water is in the healing process…ensuring you get the best possible results with your treatment.


4. Holistic approach to your treatment

We provide you with a thorough and specialised approach to your individual health needs. This guarantees you get maximum results from minimum time. Most centres concentrate on just one approach, not tailored to your personal requirements. At The Lucy Rose Clinic, we understand you need to tailor each programme to maximise your results…plus we understand that every person is different, they have different shapes, experiences, lifestyles and different needs.


5. Your comfort is our priority

Your comfort is our number 1 priority – that’s why your initial appointment up to 60 minutes long. We want you to feel peaceful, relaxed and unhurried.


6. Continuous upskilling of Practitioners

Each year our therapists are evaluated to ensure they are competent, reliable and have not deviated from our strict protocols. Our team attend regular seminars to update their skills. Attendance at these seminars gives us access to the latest industry research, which we closely evaluate and where necessary amend our protocols. This keeps us up to date with the latest research and developments from around the world.


7. Accurate diagnostic testing

Accurate testing procedures keep you up to date with your progress. See the results for yourself. We have specially designed testing procedures that record your progress. As the weeks go by we can use these tests to clearly demonstrate your progress…they can also point us to any problem areas that need refining of the treatment plan.