Sisters, Lucy and Lizzy Herron are the proud and passionate Founders and Directors of The Lucy Rose Clinic across Australia.

They’re vision is “to change healthcare not only on a nationwide scale but on a global scale” using integrative health solutions.

Living and working through the values…
Respect | Kindness | Fun | Truth | Empowerment | Responsibility | Compassion

After starting the company in 2012 with 4 clinics, they now have 12 clinics nationwide in most main centres and are continuing to grow to be the leaders in integrative health, specialising in Thyroid. They are a hands on team and are driven by their patients’ health success and really “changing patients’ lives, one Australian at a time”.
The original concept for the Clinic chain came from Lucy continually seeing common


issues with Women’s health, particularly Thyroid conditions when she was operating in New Zealand in 2004 (Where Lucy started the largest natural and integrative health centre in New Zealand). Frequently women would come into her clinic with the same symptoms over and over, and once she found the accurate diagnostic there was no stopping her.

”I felt the importance of the Thyroid was being overlooked in western medicine and in most cases going undiagnosed, knowing there is a 50% increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s in later life with an untreated thyroid condition, I had to do something about it.”- Lucy Herron

“We see on average between 800-1000 patients across our 12 clinics every month, and if our protocols are followed we get an average of 70% of these patients well naturally in 8-12 weeks, the remaining 30% of patients may need medication, and we work in with doctors to try and ensure they get what is needed to achieve optimal health” – Lucy Herron

Lizzy on the other hand suffered from Hypothyroidism herself, and after being treated by Lucy felt completely different. It changed her life which sparked a deep passion to join forces with Lucy and help others.

Lucy and Lizzy are a perfect combination in business together, Lucy with over 10 years’ experience, strong and varied qualifications and international specialist alignment, while Lizzy brings the business and drive to grow and develop the Clinics to reach more and more Australians each and every day.

Lucy has a Bachelor of Health Science (in Complementary Medicine) Diploma Naturopathy, Diploma of Nutrition, Diploma of Massage and a Diploma in Herbal Medicine. A large part of developing the diagnostic process was spending time in the USA with top thyroid specialists Dr. Prudence Hall who runs the Hall Centre. Dr.Hall is a thyroid endocrinologist and is very well known and highly sought after for education and diagnosis in the area of Thyroid. Lucy also works with another United States specialist who is an hormone specialist, Dr. Noemi and regularly refers patients to for specialist work when required.

It is well documented that 40% of women have an under active thyroid or thyroid problems, at the Lucy Rose Clinic we believe this is more like 80%. There is an epidemic in Australia right now and by treating thyroid conditions we are able to massively reduce chronic disease and other potential long term permanent damage to our bodies by the condition. Knowing these issues and what it could mean for the Australian public this is what drives the passion and commitment Lucy and Lizzy Herron have to make a difference.