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About Us

At The Lucy Rose Clinic, we combine the best of science and natural medicine to get you back to optimum health. 
We start with in-depth functional testing to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms. Our expert practitioners analyse your results use them to develop your personalised treatment plan, aimed at returning you to better health in just 20 weeks.

Our Vision

To be the world’s leading integrative thyroid and hormonal health clinic by revolutionising the treatment of chronic health conditions.

Our Mission

To help people regain their health and vitality through evidence-based, in-depth assessment and personalised treatment that is focussed on delivering results.

Our Values

We are Accountable

We are the best at what we do. We can only achieve this if everyone takes ownership and full personal responsibility for their role.

We are Caring

We are kind, understanding and supportive of our patients who are embarking on a physical and emotional journey to better health.

We are Learners

We embrace innovation and the latest research and tech. We are excited to continually learn new things so we can continue to grow.

We are a Team

We support each other and work together to achieve. We believe that teamwork is an essential component that helps both us and our patients succeed.

We are Passionate

We have a true passion for helping people be healthy, happy and fulfilled. Given we spend lots of time at work it is important to us that we have fun.