Avocado Green Smoothie? Yes Please!

Avocado Green Smoothie? Yes Please!

Full to the brim of nutrients and good fats, this smoothie is filling and delicious. It’s a breakfast, it’s a snack, a meal on the go or something to share.

Add in some gelatin to this smoothie for a gut healing boost! This recipe is suitable for most people, on most diets such as: Autoimmune protocols, Low sugar/carbs, Paleo, Dairy Free, Low Fodmaps, Vegan and vegetarian.

Or for a tropical twist, use coconut cream and on top of the greens add 1 squeeze of pineapple or lime juice!

Or perhaps sprinkle in maca, or spirulina, or dulse flakes, too many choices and ways to enjoy this recipe!

Tip: Try placing a slice of fresh lemon on the remaining Avocado half to prevent is browning.

Tip: Try placing a slice of fresh lemon on the remaining Avocado half to prevent is browning.


Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Serves: 1 glass

1/2 ripe avocado
1 ripe peeled banana
1/2 cup coconut milk (or coconut water, or just plain water)
1 handful of baby spinach
1 cup ice


Place the avocado (without the pip or skin), banana, and ice into the blender.
Top with the greens of your choice.
Blend until smooth (add extra coconut milk or water if you have trouble blending it).


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Tanya Kurzbock

Tanya is an avid animal lover and believes in the healing power of nature. She initially saw the healing power of natural medicine working with animals when pharmaceuticals could no longer help a very unwell dog. The transformation from sickness to health inspired her to understand the mechanisms behind the healing response.

She later undertook a four year Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and sought mentors in the field with exceptional experience and knowledge.
Tanya has also faced cancer herself, and cared for a loved one with cancer. She understands the importance of collaborating with specialists and using the best health options at our disposal. She successfully has used conventional medicine in combination with natural medicine to return to health and is cancer free. She now uses natural medicine to treat any ongoing side effects from conventional intervention including, but limited to, nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, scenar therapy and homeopathy.

She believes in finding the root cause behind her patients presentation and empowers her patients to take ownership of their health and tune into their own body wisdom.