Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA Test)

What is it?

Bio impedance analysis is a noninvasive, low cost and a commonly used approach for body composition measurements and assessments of clinical condition. There are a variety of methods which are applied for interpretation of measured bioimpedance data and a wide range of utilisations of bioimpedance in body composition estimation and evaluation of clinical status. 


The test is simple to perform and allows your practitioner to get an accurate physical assessment to monitor muscle mass, visceral fat and subcutaneous fat, optimal hydration, metabolic age, bone mineral mass and basal metabolic rate.

Why do I need it?

The BIA Test is a fantastic way to map changes in your body composition as you correct system imbalances and improve your physical health.

This is important because looking slimmer isn’t our goal; health is. Many weight loss programs and diet regimes will show surface improvement, but what’s happening beneath the surface is a loss of muscle mass and a lowering of your basal metabolic rate, as well as a loss in fat. 

Why The Lucy Rose Clinic uses this test

Mapping changes in your body composition is particularly important for thyroid patients as, when your thyroid is out of balance, your metabolic speed is one of the most effected areas of the body. Keeping a careful eye on changes here helps to ensure that you’re aren’t losing anything you shouldn’t be as your system begins to change and improve; by using this test we try to make sure that you’re only losing what you should be and, most importantly, it stays lost!

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