Are you struggling


We can help you start feeling like your best self again.

Are you struggling


We can help you start feeling like your best self again.

Do You Want To...

How we can help you...


A 45 minute consultation in which we assess your symptoms, lifestyle and family history and take you through a coaching exercise to determine the level of support you will need from us. We then take you through our treatment packages and develop your personalised treatment plan - which will be expanded on when we analyse your test results. This appt costs $187.



We test 50+ markers across  our blood, saliva and urine testing panels, which enables us to identify the underlying cause of your symptoms. We are affilliated with 2000+ pathology collection centres across Australia. Saliva and Urine tests are done at home and samples are returned to our lab in Alexandria, NSW.

Step 2: Testing


Our team are trained natural health practitioners who have had additional training in thyroid and hormone health based on research by top thyroid and hormone experts globally. They are experts in analysing your test results to determine what is causing your symptoms and explaining it all to you in an easy to understand way.



We'll use the results of your testing to develop a personalised treatment plan  - based on proven natural interventions:

  • Personalised supplementation and herbs, made for you specifically in our compounding pharmacy or dispensary
  • Practitioner strength supplements available through our dispensary
  • Dietary recommendations and meal plans 
  • Exercise recommendations including access to 100+ Les Mills workout videos
  • Mindset recommendations including accountability text messaging, meditation library and mindfulness exercises.


Our Health Coaching program has been specifically developed for people who have found it difficult to stick to health programs in the past. It helps you set goals and stay accountable to them and delves into the subconscious drivers that have stood in the way of your progress previously.



We've also used our practitioners 100+ years of cumulative expertise to build support services to ensure you have everything you need to succeed:

  • Weekly Onboarding calls - to help get you started and answer all your questions
  • Online HealthHub - Meal Planning and Recipes, Meditation Library and 100+ Les Mills exercises. 
  • Private Facebook Group - Mediated by our Naturopaths, where you can ask any question.
  • Education - We give you daily tips to stay on track and weekly presentations on different topics. We also give you free access to our Optimal Thyroid and Total Hormone Recovery Courses, ensuring your have all the information you need to support your recovery. 

Our Patients Love Us...

The team at Lucy Rose are taking women's thyroid health seriously. Unlike GPs they deep dive into testing, creating a comprehensive profile to identify root causes. You are supported 100% of the time, with phone calls, texts, emails and additional resources.
My experience with The Lucy Rose Clinic has been an absolute game changer for me, I'm so glad I found them! The staff are excellent, they've helped me so much and I'm really looking forward to continuing my journey with them into a wildly healthy fututre!
Thorough and comprehensive testing.Really helps you to get to the bottom of your health concerns, and how best to rectify them.The naturopaths are friendly, supportive and highly informative.
Very happy with my progress so far. The staff I have dealt with so far have been amazing. Friendly, supportive and very informative. I’m still navigating my way with their online support.Looking forward to getting my health back again. 😊
A worthy investment!The practitioners are very knowledgeable and understanding.Highly recommend!
I am just starting my plan with TLRC, however the consults I've had have been excellent. It finally feels like I'm talking to people who actually do know what they're talking about. I feel like I'm in safe hands.They're very fair with the pricing which gives a much deeper insight into what's going on with our hormones and they're very compassionate.
Thank you to Carmel and staff. I'd definitely recommend this clinic to anyone.
Naturopaths from Lucy Rose really know their stuff. A far more comprehensive understanding of women’s health than the average GP
Such an amazing team, excellent customer service. I am so glad I had a consultation and went on to do testing and get my health results. If you are on the fence about calling, 100% make the call you will not be disappointed.
I found the staff very friendly and easy to talk toThis is the first time I've actually started to see results
This is my second time I reached out for the help of the fantastic Lucy Rose team. Frances is so knowledgeable, patient and supportive, she explains everything in details and give great tips for better health. My health has improved, I lost 11 kg and I feel great now. Thank you to the Lucy Rose team!
They have been wonderful in getting my health back on track when all other health investigations came back indicating I was 'fine'. The team are friendly and are upfront and honest about the costs associated. No hidden fees. I have been able to pay off costs over a payment plan. My health is now getting back on track and I couldn't be happier.
The team at Lucy Rose have been amazing- the improvement in my health and wellbeing has been great, I'm seeing improvements every day
I cannot fault any aspect of The Lucy Rose Clinic. In sharp contrast to going to the GP for decades with my concerns, with the Lucy Rose Clinic I have been listened to, my symptoms respected, I have been guided & educated and given effective treatment. But above all I am feeling better than I ever recall feeling and we have only just begun 🙏🏼❤️
Very happy with the clinic and the solution!
All the naturopaths are very nice to work with and are very helpful with getting you healthier feeling better and looking better. I would recommend people going here as you will feel much better very quickly and see the best results after and wont want to go back to the old you.
The Lucy Rose Clinic has made a big difference to my health and overall well being. The Consultants really listen to you and your treatment plan is custom made just for you. Thank you Frances for your wonderful care!
Since starting with the Lucy Rose clinic I have been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, which for years I was told my thyroid was normal. I've started supplements and I have more energy now, to play with my 16 month old son, and just in general and I feel happier and healthier. It can be costly, but I got the most expensive package as I wanted an extremely thorough diagnostic plan.They do allow you to make weekly payments, which was good.The naturopaths check in regularly and are available between appointments to answer any questions you may have. Would recommend if you know something is wrong, but the doctors say everything is fine.
So greatful to have found this company and for the answers they have helped me find. Thank you again, Lucy Rose Team. I will be forever greatful
I've been with the Lucy Rose Clinic for quite some time now and have had great results. It takes time and patience however its all worth it. Carmell is fantastic an all round naturopath that can give advice on many issues including menopause and after COVID symptoms. My energy levels have improved due to testing, diet changes, supplements, drinking filtered water and and many other things. I've learnt to be proactive about your health.
I always had bad bloating, fluided retention, n can't lose weight, bad fatigue. Since starting with the Lucy Rose clinic, I'm starting to get my waste line back, less bloating, no bloating leading up to my period. I know you are worried about the price of it. But its worth it. I was worried i was going to be wasting my money again. But best money spent. I'm definitely happy spending that money with them. So far it's working. 👌
I have loved my experience with the Lucy Rose clinic. The supplements are fantastic and specifically target the needs of a wide range of thyroid conditions. As my medical needs are tricky my consultant Carmel has been able to tailor a program for me that has helped me experience some major health changes for the better. Carmel has been there every step of the way modifying the program where needed. Whilst this process is expensive no amount of money can justify the rising energy levels and my overall well being. Thank you Carmel
I’ve enjoyed my experience with the Lucy Rose Clinic so far. The staff are warm and friendly, knowledgeable and practical. Perfect for anyone who is looking for answers to their health issues.
l have found the clinic consultants to be caring and understanding an with lots of workable programs
Carmell has been wonderful to work with. I am so glad I found the Lucy Rose Clinic and Carmell. Testing was carried out first and then they were able to identify what was required to support me on my healing journey.After only a few months of my prescribed treatments, my thyroid issues and hormone imbalances have really started to make a change in a positive direction. I am starting to feel more like myself, rather than a crazy person. It’s not an overnight cure, but it has worked for me.Carmell and the team have been supportive along the way, and available when I required additional assistance early on.I am so grateful for all the help and support this far. I look forward to the ongoing support they offer.
It's a great clinic. I'm having an amazing support and care to improve my health. Their knowledge and expertise is there to help you at all times. The Lucy customer support and educational contente is incredible too. A special thank you to Frances and Nicole! Cheers guys
My experience with the Lucy Rose clinic has been a very positive one. After trying so many different pathways and not seeing changes, I started with the clinic and stuck right through the whole process with the help of Carmell Serafin who was very encouraging and helpful. She always took the time to listen and gave me options where it would benefit my health. I thank God for this opportunity as my quality of life has improved. The hard work and results speak for themselves as friends and family often compliment me and I always recommended this clinic to anyone who asks how I did it. Thank you so much!!
This actually works. The nutritionists are very smart and really analyse individual needs. Highly recommend
I am so pleased with how I feel and the progress I am making since I first contacted this clinic. I can now enjoy most things i like to do and have seen a lot of change in my energy and mood.
My blood test results from the GP always come back completely clear. I know I still had symptoms showing something wasn't quite right. The help, explanations and support through Lucy Rose is just what I needed. I now feel like I'm in charge of my own health and wellbeing. I can order whatever tests I want and receive the results for my own records, along with someone to explain them, support and treatment plans. I has been expensive, but it is an entirely worthwhile exercise. The supplements are high quality and pharmacy compounded to suit my needs.
I went to the Lucy Rose clinic a few years ago after reading an article in a magazine. At the time I was at the hairdresser and could hardly keep awake. I decided to make an appointment immediately.I had been to a few Drs and no one would listen to me. I was so very sick. I couldn't even do my weekly shop, I was nearly passing out in the shops, I was sweating profusely and I couldn't function. It was horrendous.I went to my appointment at Lucy Rose and was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. They said it was really bad. Finally I had some ammunition to take to my Drs and of course advice and help from Lucy Rose. Fast forward to now and I am now cured. It turned out to be the Antidepressant that I was on that was causing the Hypothyroidism. I am no longer on that medication. If it wasn't for these guys, I reckon I would be dead. Literally. That's how sick I was. I cannot thank you guys enough! I owe you my life. Thankyou so very much!! 💜
I went to the Lucy Rose Clinic with plenty of issues and at a low point in my health journey. I had tried "conventional" medicine with no results. The staff at the Lucy Rose Clinic have been sensational and in particular, Marissa (and also Lucy herself). In recent months I feel the best that I have felt for decades. Honestly, I feel fantastic and I can only credit this to the care and support from the Lucy Rose Team (and mainly thanks to the very talented Naturopathic Therapist, Marissa). The level of care and attention has been outstanding and I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for effective "alternative" therapies.
Lucy Rose clinic finally found the answers that I have been looking for all these yearsThyroid weight etc etcTheir services are excellentThe staff are friendly and helpfulI can highly recommend them
The Lucy Rose clinic deals with many health issues especially thyroid which I had and highly recommend.
Finally some answers apart from being told repeatedly over the last 5 years that menopause was responsible solely and wholly for the lack of motivation & quality sleep, increased mood swings, bloating and weight gain. My journey has just begun, Tanya from LRC has been fantastic, explaining everything along the way, including the extensive testing and why they are needed and now results are in, she has devised me a treatment plan with supplements to return my body and mind to it's ultimate well being.
Had alot of trouble with my tummy and pre menopause at 38, after being with TLRC for 12 months, things have really turned around. Yes it is hard work, but it's the first time in 35 years, that I haven't been bloated, tired, low mood swings. I now have thr energy to be able to do things with my teenage children.
So grateful that my sister advised me to call up The Lucy Rose Clinic in January this year (2021)!I’ve gone from barely being able to function,to someone who has energy!! I feel almost like my best self again!…and it’s been many years since I actually felt well!!’ My practitioner, Marissa, was so supportive and encouraging and the treatment plans were easy to follow, once I got into the swing of it all!Yes, it is a bit more expensive than your average GP etc, but you can’t put a price on your health, and it’s so so worth the money and there are options for payment as well.If you are sitting there feeling like there is no hope of ever feeling better and that things will never change, I’d encourage you to call The Lucy Rose Clinic!!My thyroid is finally functioning at a level where I now feel “human” and I now have the tools to be able to keep going!It IS possible to correct your thyroid and feel better.Do yourself a huge favour and call the wonderful team at The Lucy Rose Clinic. I’m so glad I did!!!
I highly recommend Tanya from the Lucy Rose Clinic. Tanya is a wealth of knowledge and so easy to talk to. With Tanya's guidance I was able to finally lose weight, sleep well and feel energetic and motivated. I feel that I now have the tools to take care of myself and am confident that I will be able to reset my body whenever I over- indulge or experience stressful times. It is definitely money well spent and a great investment in my health and self care.
My health & outlook on life has improved so much since I started seeing Stephanie at the Brisbane Clinic. I am so grateful for the care & advice she gives me.
I started seeing Lany at the Canberra clinic in September 2019 and I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve seen in such a short time. Lany was able to diagnose the reasons behind my hypothyroidism and almost immediately after seeing treatment I started seeing results. I am sleeping better, I have more energy and feel less stressed and I feel that my hormones have finally started to come back into balance. Lany and the team at the Lucy Rose Clinic are fantastic and I couldn’t recommend them more!
I was on the brink of despair; having been seen by GP's, Hospital medicos and natural therapists; who failed to make a diagnosis, when I finally found my way to the Lucy Rose Thyroid clinic.Now 4 months later I am eternally grateful to Stephanie, the practitioner who was not only able to diagnose my depleted condition, but has successfully put me back on the road to wellness.The testing the clinic offers is far beyond anything the medical profession offered me, and so they were able to quickly pinpoint the right diet, supplements and exercise regime to assist my recovery.I highly recommend Lucy Rose Thyroid clinic. I believe they saved my life.
My experience with the Lucy Rose Clinic has been very positive. I am feeling so much better than I have for a long time - increased energy levels and much improved sleep due to absence of leg pain at night that disappeared soon after starting prescribed natural supplements. Stephanie at the Brisbane Clinic is amazing. She is so very supportive and easy to talk to as well. I would definitely recommend her service.
Lovely caring and informative
Have been visiting clinic for 5 months, have had some great results with my allergies and energy levels are right up, have so much more vitality now. Thank you
My experience has been very positive. I have had three visits and feel that I have been through an extensive assessment process and treatment plan. I am feeling significantly better, and Audrey has been a most helpful and learned practitioner.
I love how this team works. Great practitioners and awesome advice and support. I’m so pleased I found them!
Living in a regional area with fewer amenities, including GP's and 'health' shops has made the journey difficult at times. I learnt a lot from written information, dietary ideas and zoom sessions. I found the telehealth service a little lacking as the calls were quite hurried. The final session was probably the most useful as by this time I understood more about the whole situation.I lost 10 kgs, got my TSH to a better level, and generally feel better than I did when I started.but cannot continue due to the high cost (as a pensioner) of service and supplements. However, I do feel I can continue many of the aspects on my own.
It’s been amazing to feel alive again and understand what was happening with my thyroid levels and iodine. The team at TLR Clinic have given me the tools and treatment I needed to be in better health and the support to continue on a healthier path.
Great holistic view of my total health
Professional and helpful but the supplements are very expensive
I visited The Lucy Rose Clinic today and enjoyed the review over the last weeks since my last visit.Emily is a keen listener and we thoroughly discussed the procedure for the next few weeks which is really an encouragement.Thank you Lucy Rose, I’m feeling much better.Margaret.
I find the service very supportive and understanding. I have had some good results and look forward to more in the future

What will happen in the consultation?

It is completely natural to wonder what will happen in the consult and whether it is worth taking 15 minutes out of your day for. Here’s what you’ll get from a free consult with one of our practitioners.

Symptom Assessment

How are you affected?

We'll ask you about the symptoms you've been experiencing, their duration and severity. We'll also chat about how they are impacting your life.

Expert Advice

Over 100 Years Total Experience

Our team are fully qualified natural health practioners, who have had additional training on thyroid and hormonal conditions based on the research of global experts.

Our Treatment Approach

How we can help?

We'll talk you through our testing and treatment process and how we can help you. Our approach is personalised to each individual and the symptoms they are experiencing.
Image showing the location of the thyroid


We’ll ask you about the symptoms you’ve been experiencing, their duration and severity. We’ll also chat about how they are impacting your life.


Our team are fully qualified natural health pracitioners, who have had additional training on thyroid and hormonal conditions based on the work of global experts.


We’ll talk you through our testing and treatment process and how we can help you. Our approach is personalised to each individual and the symptoms they are experiencing.

Who is the Lucy Rose Clinic?

We are a national, telehealth clinic that specialises in combining the best of science and natural health to treat hormonal and thyroid conditions. Established in 2012, we’ve helped over 30,000 patients overcome their health challenges and regain their health and vitality. These are the things that set us apart:


We are the only clinic globally that combines functional testing with natural health in the treatment of Thyroid and Hormonal conditions. Additionally, the nature of our clinic (we have a team of practitioners working together) and our over 10 years in operation mean we have seen and have the experience of treating more patients in our area of expertise than any other clinic.


Our testing panels are unique to us and have been purposefully selected to uncover and correct the drivers of our patients' symptoms.

Our practitioners are skilled naturopaths who have upskilled in the interpretation of functional pathology to be able to use it as the basis for your treatment plan.


Our practitioners have more than 100 years cumulative experience, compounded by our own Thyroid specialist training, and continual yearly education. Helping people get better is what drives them. We also use a team model. This means that when you see one practitioner, you are actually seeing the whole team, backed by Thyroid experts all over the world.


We use a compounding pharmacy to make individual supplements for each patient. This is configured based on your pathology and ensures we deliver the correct dose and form of nutrients for each patient in a single dosage (rather than taking multiple daily vitamins).
Your herbal formula is also personalised to your symptom profile and testing results.


Our online Health Hub and Mobile Application will keep you accountable and on track when your naturopath isn’t there. It provides exercise, food, mindset, coaching, and accountability all in one place.

You'll also have access to 100+ Les Mills exercise classes, and we run regular group exercise sessions.


As part of our program you'll join a community of people who are also on a health journey. This will allow you to get advice as to what worked for them along with motivation and support to keep you going.

The FB group is faciliated by our Practitioners, who also post daily hints and tips to keep you on track and respond back to your questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Costs is a hard question to answer definitively. It’s a bit like taking a car to the garage when something isn’t working and asking for an upfront cost – until you look under the bonnet and start testing a few things, you don’t know what is needed to be properly diagnosed or treated.

Having said that here is what we do know. The first appointment is free. It’s a great way to learn about what we do, why we are different, and how we can help. If you go the next step to an in-depth assessment reviewing your health history, genetic factors, current issues, medications/supplements, and diet and lifestyle, that is $187.

Pathology is recommended in that appointment according to your needs. A full thyroid panel that has 8 tests (TSH, fT4, fT3, rT3, 3 types of antibodies and nodulesSHBG) is $199. As we are a functional medicine practice, we want to assess and correct the root cause of the issues, so other testing might also be needed. For example, nutrient levels, metabolic markers, inflammatory markers, iodine, stress and sleep hormones, sex hormones, etc. These testing panels all average out about $200 each. We bundle these tests into different programs to suit your budget, and payment plans available if you need it.

No, the government does not allow Naturopathy to be covered by Medicare.

No, the government removed Naturopathy and 14 other natural therapies from the private health register in 2019.

Yes, we have packages that bundle different services together and payment plans are available for these packages.

GPs are trained to diagnose and treat diseases – and a disease is a state of the degenerative process that is usually irreversible. Our medical system is amazing at dealing with this – for instance, if you have a clogged artery they can fix it and save life!

But medicine does not delve into understanding the root cause of earlier pre disease progression and the testing they can access through medicare doesn’t pick up early and mid disease change markers – or if it does, the reference ranges used is just too wide. Symptoms are secondary to these tests – so even if you feel terrible and display the symptoms, if your tests come back in the acceptable range, no treatment can be offered. GPs are not trained to reverse early diseases using food as nutrition, herbal medicine, or nutritional intervention either.

When you come to us, we run what is called functional pathology. This uses more sensitive markers to pick up the early changes, and help us treat you using natural medicine to facilitate healing and management of symptoms. We also can work alongside medications that are necessary to help patients get the best outcomes.

Our Head Office is located in Sydney. However, we are telehealth so our patients and practitioners are located all across Australia.

We are experts in Hormonal and Thyroid conditions. This includes Hypothyroid, Hyperthyroid, Thyroiditis, Hashimotos, Graves Disease, Nodules, Menopause, PCOS. Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, Adenopause etc. If you are unsure if we can help, you are welcome to book a free consult.

Each test included in each of our testing panels has been specifically included to tell us something about the biochemical functioning of your body. The Thyroid Tune includes the minimum amount of testing that we need in order to treat you effectively. By testing these essential markers we ensure we don’t miss anything. This approach has been tried and tested throughout out 13 years in operation and is one of the reasons why 90% of our patients see results in 16-20 weeks.

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