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What should you expect in your first call?

Getting to know you

This is an amazing opportunity for you to talk directly with a health care professional about your situation - don't be shy about how you're feeling!The best diagnostic is how you feel, talking directly with you one-on-one is how we get to know you, and how we can begin to help.

Getting to know us

Finding the right fit for your health isn’t always easy, and we know that there is a lot of misinformation out there. One of the most important parts of this free call is to ensure that you feel comfortable with us as well.


A core part of our values is the importance of education. There simply isn’t enough information around about thyroid conditions and how they can affect us. By offering this free service we hope to spread more information about these diseases and prevent as many people from slipping between the cracks as we can.


There are lots of different treatment and diagnosis options for thyroid conditions - learn about the ones that apply to you!

Find your spot

It’s much easier to make time for a 15 minute call then it is to make time for an hour-long consult, but that’s what we’re here for! Your practitioner will be able to take you through all the openings and find the perfect spot for you.

Getting started

If it’s time to take the next step forward, then your practitioner is right there, taking it beside you. Having talked about you, about us, about the thyroid and all the ways we can help, if you're ready to book in your first consultation then they can do that for you too – easy as that!

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It's been a long road full of twists & turns, But Christine has been amazing.What started as a Hypothyroid issue, we investigated further and found food allergies which resulted in weight falling off.The combo of CurcumaPro and C Complex resulted in a huge reduction of asthma episodes and facial puffiness.I've lost 8kg in 4 weeks just from removing food allergens / intolerances.I finally feel I have answers to generations of health issues.
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My experience with Head Office re appointments and directions to office was excellent. Testing was easy and the consultation appointments with Kimberly very informative. Great so far - looking forward to the results.
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Dietary changes have been easier than I ever imagined.I am feeling well. Losing weight eating more.

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The thyroid plays a major part in controlling the body

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