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Clean Chicken Salad

By Lucy Rose Clinic

September 10, 2021

Detox or not, this is a great any time meal! This is one recipe from our 14-Day Detox Challenge.

Meat-free options in the notes below as well 🙂

Bon appetite!


  • 2 chicken thighs diced
  • 4 bacon rashes diced
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 cos lettuce or mixed lettuce or rocket or baby spinach
  • 2 eggs hard boiled and quartered – leave out if egg-free or AIP
  • Himalayan salt and pepper to taste


  • 1 lime juice of and zest
  • 1 tblsp apple cider vinegar with the mother – organic
  • 1 tsp Dijon mustard
  • 2 anchovies optional
  • 1/3 cup olive oil extra virgin
  • 1/4 tsp Himalayan salt


  • Heat a frypan and add the coconut oil and bacon and cook until slightly brown. Add in the chicken, the salt and pepper and cook until brown and cooked through.
  • To make the dressing put all of the ingredients in a blender and blend for 30 seconds or until thoroughly combined and the desired thickness. If you don’t have a blender, put in a mason jar and shake to combine.
  • In a large bowl combine the cos lettuce, chicken, eggs and bacon. Stir through a few tablespoons of dressing and mix well. The remainder of the dressing can be stored in the fridge for up to a week.


Vegetarian Option:2 cups of pre-cooked quinoa to replace chicken and bacon.Vegan Option:2 cups of pre-cooked quinoa to replace chicken and bacon. Leave out eggs and anchovies. Photo: recipe photo has additional avocado slice and chopped tomato.


Calories: 893kcal Carbohydrates: 5g Protein: 31g Fat: 84g Saturated Fat: 23g Polyunsaturated Fat: 12g Monounsaturated Fat: 44g Trans Fat: 1g Cholesterol: 306mg Sodium: 767mg Potassium: 473mg Fiber: 1g Sugar: 1g Vitamin A: 1582IU Vitamin C: 10mg Calcium: 60mg Iron: 2mg

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