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Could this be the BEST Weight Loss Tip?

By Lucy Rose Clinic

February 4, 2021

Today I want to share the number 1 weight loss habit that helps them shed weight.

Can you guess what it is?

Tell me if you guessed right!

Top Weight Loss Habits

What is a habit?

A habit is a behaviour that has three overlapping components. They are routines of behavior that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously. When it comes to goals like weight loss, our habits can really make or break us, and we often need to create new habits to support our weight loss goal.

How to create a new habit

Understanding the formula to create a new habit can help mindset! Here are the three main ingredients:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Desire
  3. Action

When all these coincide, you will develop a new habit!

Know Your Habit!

First you need to identify the habit you want to change. Next identify your triggers. Journaling is a great way of tracking this out. Next identify the routine of the habit (there will be one), and then identify the reward of the habit.

Here’s a common scenario that you may relate to.

You have been eating really good, following your diet all week. Then BAM, you have an interaction with someone who sets off your fight/flight response big time.

You go to the kitchen and pour a big glass of wine. (Or maybe its a slice of cake or some chocolate) Then have a second. Next thing, the lot is gone!

The habit is drinking/eating when emotionally stressed. The trigger was the confrontation. The routine was to reach for comfort food (distraction) to cope and move past the feeling. The reward was shifting your awareness from the stress and feeling better.

We can change this habit by slipping in something else where the glass of wine currently sits in the story. It could be taking the dog for a walk. Or putting on a load of washing. Or journaling about how you are feeling. There are so many options, but you need to plan this ahead so you have a plan for the next time it happens.

“Came in feeling absolutely exhausted with no energy or motivation. After taking supplements for a few months, my energy levels and motivation returned and kept improving. – L.S.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

 The BEST Weight Loss Tip & Habit

The number one reported weight loss habit was people reporting they drank 1 glass of filtered water if they got a craving. 

They didn’t tell themselves they couldn’t have the treat.

But they made a rule that BEFORE having the treat they would drink 1 big glass of water! 9 out of 10 times they wouldn’t reach for the comfort food!

Most also reported not having naughty food in the house, and replacing them with healthy treat options, like bliss balls or fruit.

Simple tricks like this are wonderful ways to aid us to reach our goals.

If you want to lose weight in the next few months, why not work with the weight loss experts and book a call?

We can check over your hormones and balance them with a specialised approach that uses lifestyle, food, supplementation and herbs, to result in better health, and lasting weight loss that doesn’t pile straight back on.

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