Detox Profile


About the Detox Profile

This profile gives an overall picture of your liver health and whether it is functioning at optimal levels. The liver is responsible for detoxing the body through filtration of the blood and breaking down harmful substances before removing them from the body. It maintains balance within the body by closely monitoring your toxicity levels, metabolising foreign substances and producing and storing the required vitamins and minerals into your bloodstream. When your liver isn’t functioning optimally it can impact how you feel drastically. The symptoms may include nausea and vomiting, tiredness/fatigue, lack of appetite and a general feeling of weakness.

Simple Collection Process

Download & Print

Download and print your pathology request form from the email we sent to you.

Collection Centre

Take the form to one of our affiliated collection centres to have your blood sample taken.

Results Ready

Your sample will be tested at our in-house laboratory and we will email you to make a results appointment.



ALT is an enzyme found predominantly in your liver. When your liver cells are damaged, they release ALT into the bloodstream. The symptoms of high ALT are nausea and vomiting, tiredness/fatigue, lack of appetite and a general feeling of weakness. This test can also indicate larger health concerns even before the symptoms make themselves known.


AST is another liver enzyme, but is also found in your muscles and other organs. When cell damage occurs the cells release AST into the blood (if they contain it). Testing for this marker helps us determine your overall liver health and may also indicate the presence of other health concerns.


GGT is also a liver enzyme, that is released into your bloodstream when your liver is damaged. In addition to detecting your overall liver health, testing for GGT can also help us identify any damage to your bile ducts.

1 x Blood Collection Form (emailed or provided in a test kit if purchased with other tests)

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

You can contact us directly at or call us on +61 02 8559 1480

Do I need to fast?

You are required to fast for 10-12 hours before your blood draw. A non-fasting blood draw may affect results.

Is there an additional collection charge?

No, no additional fees will be charged by the collection centre.

Can I take medication?

Medication has the potential to affect results. Please check with your practitioner before your blood draw about the potential effects your medication may have.

How do I book my follow-up appointment?
You can use the link in the email you were sent or contact us directly on +61 02 8559 1480. Please ensure you confirm the availability of your results prior to your appointment.

How long will it take for my test results to be returned?

Up to 3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the testing you have ordered.

Confused About Testing?

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