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    Having trouble getting through?

    If you are having trouble getting through to us (or hear a “disconnected” tone) on our 1300 THYROID number this may be because some telephone companies block users calling 1300 and 1800 numbers. If this is the case, please call our head office number on +61-2-8599-1470 and they will be happy to take your call. Our fax number is +61-2-8078-4525
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    What is The Lucy Rose Clinic all about?

    The Lucy Rose Clinic is a Naturopathy Clinic specialising in Thyroid conditions. We have an offer on at the moment where you get a free Thyroid screening valued at $65 for FREE with every initial consultation. We charge $167 for an initial consultation. So you pay for an initial consultation and you receive the free thyroid screening.
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    Do we do a blood test?

    NO, the thyroid screen does not involve a blood test however we can provide a referral to your GP to gain some blood tests if required.
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    Do we take a urine sample?

    NO, not as part of the consultation, however it is just as important and we do offer urinary testing at an additional cost. With the urine sample we send this to a lab for screening to determine your Iodine levels.
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    How is the thyroid screen performed?

    The test or screening involves a computerised reflex test. We perform the test by stimulating a reflex in your arm whereby the computer then senses the speed of your reflexes and provides a reading. The speed of your reflexes is the most accurate way to measure thyroid function as your thyroid is responsible for reflex speed in the body. Routine blood tests can only measure the levels of your hormones but not how well they are working. This means that a lot of people can be misdiagnosed when they have an underactive thyroid. This reflex test is what we call a functional test as it measures how well your hormones are working.
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    How long does it take?

    With the Thyroid screening, allow up to an hour for consultation and screening. With the Urine sample, allow for at least 2 weeks to receive your results.
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    What do we treat with?

    We prescribe specific nutrients via liquid and tableted herbal medicine, supplements as well as dietary advice. We also work closely with a Medical Thyroid specialist if we feel you need to be medicated.
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    Will your treatment affect me if I am already on medication?

    We will work together with your existing medication and can calibrate your current medication to ensure that what we prescribe will not affect you adversely but instead start to improve your state of health.
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    Do I need to come back for follow ups? How many times do I need to come and see you?

    That’s depends on how well you respond to treatment and how closely you follow our advice.
    It may be recommended by the Naturopath to come back for 3-4 follow up appointments, this is important so we can test and monitor your progress and ensure that what is prescribed to you is actually working and modify your dosage if need be. 1st Follow ups are usually 2-4 weeks after your initial consultation.
    Follow ups are $147 – $167 depending on the length of time booked and/or whether your follow up is occuring remotely.
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    Does the testing and treatment actually work?

    Yes, the best thing about the thyroid screening is that it identifies exactly how well your thyroid is working or not working. The testing is 98% accurate.
    Once you have a correct diagnosis we can treat accordingly. The test can also show us if what we are giving you as treatment is actually working. Some people balance naturally with our natural treatment approach and others need to be medicated. We can assess this for you.
    Please see our testimonials page for some of the feedback we have had from our patients.
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    My Doctor has told me my Thyroid levels are fine but I am still suffering all the signs and symptoms you have listed. Is my Dr wrong?

    The medical profession tests your blood for thyroid hormone levels (TSH). With 75% of your thyroid hormones in your muscles it is very hard to access thyroid hormones levels in the blood. Blood tests only measure the levels but they can’t test whether your hormones are actually working.
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    How accurate is the test?

    Our Thyroid screen is 98% accurate in diagnosing thyroid function. It is a much better way to assess thyroid function and has been used in the USA by the medical profession for the past 7 years. It is FDA (Food & Drug Administration) certified and was clinically trialled with 2200 patients resulting in the test being 98% accurate.
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    Can you treat Hyperthyroidism? Or over active thyroid?

    YES we can. However it can be much harder to treat. We are able to help about 50% of our Hyperthyroid patients. It depends on the cause and we would need to see you to be able to determine whether we can help you.
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    What do I need to do to make a booking?

    Call 1300 THYROID (1300 849 7643)
    Our friendly staff will need to take some details from you, and then we will send you out an email confirmation and forms (that need to be filled out and taken to your consultation)
    If you don’t have an email address then they can post you the confirmation letter and forms.
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    We have a 48-hour cancellation fee policy of 50% of the consult but if you reschedule 48 hours prior to the consultation, no fee will be charged . We are very busy and so we would appreciate you calling to let us know if you cannot make it as our staff make themselves available specifically for the appointment.