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Frequently Asked Questions

We are the thyroid and hormone experts. We have helped over 28,000 Australians successfully treat their thyroid and hormonal conditions and most importantly improve their quality of life.

We fast-track your success with our unique integrative approach of testing not guessing. We test extensively, so nothing is missed. We are highly skilled at the interpretation of functional pathology and putting the individual’s health puzzle together.

We then treat the cause using evidence-based and personalised treatments. You will receive personally blended herbal formula and compounded, personalised nutritional supplementation for ease and efficacy. You will receive a documented treatment plan with dietary and lifestyle advice every time you see us because education and empowerment are at the core of our values.

Not only do you have a team of 25 practitioners behind you, due to our collaborative approach, but we also have the world’s best thyroid experts to consult and mentor with. This means our treatment methods will always be at the forefront of the latest international research. The only barrier to your success is you and how committed you are to following our advice and your treatment regime and so, are here to coach and support you every step of the way.

Our Head Office is located in Sydney. However, we are telehealth so our patients and practitioners are located all across Australia.

At The Lucy Rose Clinic we want to get a better understanding of your symptoms. Our Support Team will ask you a few questions to help better understand what has been happening for you and see if we are good fit for you. We can also answer any questions you may have in relation to your health.

We ask our patients to allow 45 minutes for the initial consultation. Prior to this, patients have already completed a thorough symptom assessment survey and pre-appointment forms outlining their medical history. The initial consultation consists of a deep dive into presenting symptoms, any previous pathology, family history, and assessment of diet and lifestyle factors. Follow-up appointments can vary in length dependent on the focus of the appointment.

Yes, our accredited, insured, and registered natural health practitioners (Naturopaths). This is an in-depth university-level course that is a 4-year full-time science-based course that includes a mandatory in-clinic assessment.This is is approved by the TGA and qualifies practitioners to use therapeutic grade herbal, nutritional, and food as medicine – which is generally a large part of our treatment.

Our naturopaths have had specialised training in treating hormones and thyroid based on Lucy’s experience in this area, along with mentorship from leading thyroid experts in the world, such as Dr David Brownstein, and Dr Daryl Turner.

No, they are naturopaths, nutritionists, and medical herbalists.

We do work with a panel of integrative doctors, where we can offer a referral to them for you as they can assist with your medications.

We have been using telehealth with our remote and regional patients for a few years now. Our clinic design is well equipped for telehealth as all testing can be done locally or at home and patients are mailed testing kits and supplements. Our patients find this convenient and appreciate not having to travel and take time off work for their appointments. We offer Zoom consultations for patients who prefer a more face-to-face approach, so all needs are accommodated.

Yes, absolutely. More women than men have thyroid issues, 7:1, but men do suffer from thyroid problems as well. Male patients show very similar signs and symptoms as female patients so are treated very similarly. It’s still treated on a case by case basis, and our practitioners are very experienced in dealing with both Male and Female patients.

GPs are trained to diagnose and treat diseases – and a disease is a state of the degenerative process that is usually irreversible. Our medical system is amazing at dealing with this – for instance, if you have a clogged artery they can fix it and save life!

But medicine does not delve into understanding the root cause of earlier pre disease progression and the testing they can access through medicare doesn’t pick up early and mid disease change markers – or if it does, the reference ranges used is just too wide. Symptoms are secondary to these tests – so even if you feel terrible and display the symptoms, if your tests come back in the acceptable range, no treatment can be offered. GPs are not trained to reverse early diseases using food as nutrition, herbal medicine, or nutritional intervention either.

When you come to us, we run what is called functional pathology. This uses more sensitive markers to pick up the early changes, and help us treat you using natural medicine to facilitate healing and management of symptoms. We also can work alongside medications that are necessary to help patients get the best outcomes.

Yes, we can. Every person needs thyroid hormones to feel well, and if you have had your thyroid removed, your hormone levels will of course be less than they should be. The thyroid screen works in the same way for people without /with a partial thyroid, whether you are medicated or not as we are checking to see how the thyroid hormones you do have are working in your body.

Yes, we do. Approximately 50% of our patients are on medication and come to us because they are still experiencing symptoms.

Yes we can. Hashimotos is the most common auto-immune thyroid condition and Graves disease is the most common cause of Hyperthyroidism. We have extensive experience with these conditions and are experts in using a holistic approach to put your antibodies in remission.

We are experts in Hormonal and Thyroid conditions. This includes Hypothyroid, Hyperthyroid, Thyroiditis, Hashimotos, Graves Disease, Nodules, Menopause, PCOS. Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, Adenopause etc.

Our treatment generally takes from 16-20 weeks (depending on the complexity of your condition). At the end of this time, most patients will still check in with us once or twice a year and order their regular prescription supplements in the interim.

Most patients will have a follow-up appointment approximately every 4 weeks during their treatment. This will depend on how well you respond to treatment and how closely you are able to follow your practitioner’s advice. It is essential that we monitor your progress to ensure that you achieve your health goals and adjust your prescriptions if necessary. Support and accountability are paramount to patient success.

Our treatment is 100% natural and is personalised to you based on your test results. This encompasses individualised supplements and herbal liquids, practitioner-only herbs and nutrients. We also focus on diet, exercise and mindset.  

Functional testing is our specialty. This form of testing can detect sub-optimal conditions BEFORE they develop into chronic diseases. We use a combination of blood, urine, and saliva to determine the drivers of your symptoms. Hormonal imbalances are best detected by analysing saliva, whilst urine load testing is how we assess iodine status.

At The Lucy Rose Clinic we like to ensure that we are not playing the guessing game. Not all patients are the same and finding the best solution for you and being able to personalise your treatment, requires a thorough exploration of your biochecmistry.

Yes, we can use any test results that have been run in the past 3 months.

This depends on the testing panel you need, we have blood, saliva and urine testing. For a blood test you would go to your nearest Healius Group collection centre (Dorovich in VIC, Laverty in NSW and ACT, QML in QLD, Western Diagnostics in NT and WA, Abbot in SA and TML in Tasmania) and they would draw your blood and send it to our lab. For saliva and urine testing, we post you a test kit, you do it at home and return it to us.

We keep the samples in fridges at controlled temperatures. We also take a sample from each blood tube upon arrival and deep freeze it for the tests that take longer e.g. RT3 and leptin.

Costs is a hard question to answer definitively. It’s a bit like taking a car to the garage when something isn’t working and asking for an upfront cost – until you look under the bonnet and start testing a few things, you don’t know what is needed to be properly diagnosed or treated.

Having said that here is what we do know. The first appointment is free. It’s a great way to learn about what we do, why we are different, and how we can help. If you go the next step to an in-depth assessment reviewing your health history, genetic factors, current issues, medications/supplements, and diet and lifestyle, that is $187.

Pathology is recommended in that appointment according to your needs. A full thyroid panel that has 8 tests (TSH, fT4, fT3, rT3, 3 types of antibodies and nodulesSHBG) is $199. As we are a functional medicine practice, we want to assess and correct the root cause of the issues, so other testing might also be needed. For example, nutrient levels, metabolic markers, inflammatory markers, iodine, stress and sleep hormones, sex hormones, etc. These testing panels all average out about $200 each. We have different levels of programs to suit your budget, and payment plans available if you need it.

No, the government does not allow Naturopathy to be covered by Medicare.

No, the government removed Naturopathy and 14 other natural therapies from the private health register.

Yes, we have packages that bundle different services together and payment plans available.

Do you have more questions for us?

You are welcome to book a free 15 minute consult with one of our practitioners and ask us anything!