Gallbladder, Thyroid Health & Gut support (with 4 ways to treat it)

Gallbladder, Thyroid Health & Gut support  (with 4 ways to treat it)

Gut Health is essential for the healthy functioning of our thyroid gland. Two common themes that we have observed through clinical practice is the link with chronic thyroid disease, acid reflux, with a history of antacid medication and gallbladder disease/removal.


The Link:

Reflux is a result of low stomach hydrochloric acid (HCL). It is a common misconception to believe it is caused by being overacid. When stomach hydrochloric acid levels are low, the unproductive acids can rise up the oesophagus affecting the thyroid gland. The concurrent use of antacid medication, such as Nexium will lower HCL and continue to exacerbate the condition.


The gall bladder should be concentrating the bile our liver produces, to aid digestion and help eliminate toxins. Low stomach acid (Hypochlorhydria) causes the whole digestive system to slow down, including the flow of bile secretion from the liver and gallbladder to slow down. The release of bile is triggered by the acidity of the food leaving the stomach. Reduced acidity caused delayed emptying of the stomach contents and bile secretion is diminished causing impaired fat metabolism. The bile flow from the gallbladder slows and becomes stagnant, increasing sediment and stone formation causing gallbladder disease. And its not just the fats, certain dietary foods are known triggers to poor health.

In one study 52% of patients with gallbladder disease were found to have low stomach HCL. Other issues that may contribute to poor digestive health include alcohol intake, food intolerances or eating inflammatory foods.


Life Changing Foods:

  •  Celery juice: juicing celery stalks and drinking it plain with no other ingredients; alkalizing, DNA- repairing, blood sugar balancing, cooling and cleansing. Enjoy a fresh cooling juice each morning as part of your daily ritual
  • Lemon and Lime in water: helps to break up and remove any sediment and stones in the gallbladder, increasing bile flow and in turn HCL in the stomach. Drink throughout the day
  • Cucumber juice: juice one fresh cucumber and drink. A powerful rejuvenative tonic, extremely hydrating
  • Aloe water: scoop the gel from a 2 inch piece of Aloe vera in filtered water and blend. For gut, liver and adrenal support, but please avoid eating or juicing the whole aloe very flesh.

All these fresh juices are some of the most powerful hydrating tonics, they provide living water and trace minerals that revive our cells and help to flush out toxins.

Our bodies cannot function effectively if we are dehydrated, introducing these simple hydrating tonics in to your daily life will improve stomach HCL, bile release from the gallbladder and in turn support digestion and thyroid health.


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