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How To Set A Goal

By Lucy Rose Clinic

January 1, 2021

Do you find yourself year after year setting this same goal, over and over again.

“THIS Year I am Going To Lose Weight!”

If you do, you are not alone, this is the most popular New Year Resolution in the world!

Some people will achieve it.

Some will put it all back on plus interest.

Some people will try but fail in the first week.

Some people won’t get past a fleeting NYE wish.

Today we are going to help you set a goal right! And tomorrow, give you tips to achieve them.

Let’s GO and get this year off to a Strong Start!

“Thanks to the testing, I know exactly why my body was in pain, I was exhausted, I couldn’t remember anything. The Lucy Rose Clinic and Kylie, my Naturopath from the Gold Cost clinic have not only changed my life, they’ve saved it. What price feeling great? It’s worth it for every pain-free step I take. Thank you.” – V.O

Get clarity

First step is to get out paper and pen – old school style. People who write down their goals have a 1000% increased probability of achieving it.

Next, with weight loss in mind (if that is your goal) answer the following questions:

1.     Out of curiosity, what is the ultimate vision you have for your life?

2.     Now bringing it back to here and now, what specifically do you want first?

3.     How will you know you have achieved it?

4.     Describe clearly what you will see, hear and feel when you achieve it.

5.     What will achieving this get for you or allow you to do?

6.     Who is this for?

7.     Where are you in relation to the result?

8.     What resources do you have now, and what do you need in order to get your result?

9.     Have you ever achieved this before?

10.  Do you know anyone who has achieved this or something similar before?

11.  How would you like to do research on creating the result?

12.  What is the purpose of achieving this?

13.  What will you gain or lose if you have it?

Nice work! Clarifying the goal is a powerful process to help you achieve your dreams. However, a goal is not actually here and now – it is an idea in the future.

This is where people will usually fail. You see, to get from here to the goal takes action.

With weight loss, most people try either of 2 things. Diet or exercise. Sometimes both.

But if your hormones are out of balance, neither will reap the rewards.

One of our naturopaths Kylie Rawlings, mentioned in the client review above, was a PT (personal trainer) before studying to become a naturopath. She found so many women weren’t getting results due to “hormone imbalance”, but when they went to their Dr. for help, nothing was given. This was what drove her to further her education to help women with their goals!

You could try the standard approaches to losing weight – but if any of these statements apply to you, then your chances of success are much lower:

  • Weight loss and gain is a repeating pattern. I can lose it, but will put it back on within 6 weeks.
  • Even when I try to lose weight with severe calorie restriction, I don’t.
  • I am dealing with MORE fatigue day-to-day now, than I was this time last year.
  • I dealt with high stress in 2020 which has left me feeling depleted emotionally and nutritionally.

Start 2021 STRONG with support of experts in the field of hormonal imbalance, thyroid health concerns, and weight loss!

It’s simple – book an appointment!

Together we can set up your treatment plan addressing underlying health imbalances sabotaging your weight. We will set goals AND systems to achieve them. And we will be by your side to make this the healthiest year yet!

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