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How to Stop Procrastinating Weight Loss

By Lucy Rose Clinic

January 26, 2021

Studies have found that dieting and exercise are the two activities people put off the most.  

Weight loss is difficult for anyone, but if you procrastinate you will usually end up putting on more weight, which means that you’ll have more work to do in the future!

So today is the day you say enough’s ENOUGH!

Let’s do it!

Studies have found that both diet and exercise are two of the most likely activities that adults are willing to put off compared to other chores like paying bills, scheduling appointments, shopping, and work duties. 

A lot of procrastination comes from the guilt of not following through on your goals in the past, and this creates a compounding problem that feels bigger and bigger as time goes on.

Self forgiveness is key here! Everyone falls off the wagon, but it’s all about how quickly you get back on track.

Staying on Track

Accountability guides people to make big changes in their lives. If you are not a self-starter or find it easier to work on your goals with others, you should definitely consider working with a health coach.

The Lucy Rose Clinic programs have had a massive upgrade, with access to exercise videos, yoga videos, meditations, inner work practices, meal planning software, an accountability messaging services, and weekly group calls. Plus all our educational handouts are yours at the click of a button.

If you are a current patient and would like access, call us to start your membership!

All NEW clients will automatically have access when they start a Lucy Rose Clinic Program.

More Tips To Stall Procrastination

  • Keep all junk food out of the house.
  • Lay out your workout outfit so it is ready for you in the morning. Put your runners by the door.
  • Keep stress down. Opt for fun activities with family or friends that increase activity and revolve around healthy eating.
  • Reward yourself. If food is your reward, plan a new reward that you can have. It may be as simple as a bath bomb, or as decadent as a spa day.
  • Allow one cheat meal. One cheat meal has several benefits to weight loss. It will help you stay more on-track through the week, and it also will push your metabolism which can prevent weight loss plateau length and severity.
  • Print out positive quote and affirmations and pin them to the wall.

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” – Napoleon Hill

Book an appointment today!

We are here to guide you to your health goals, be it weight loss, more energy, better sleep or a clearer, sharper mind.

Don’t put it off – book your first appointment now!

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