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Hyper to Hypo to Well – Thyroid Patient Story

By Lucy Rose Clinic

June 17, 2021

Today I want to share a story of a lady who didn’t have great results the first few months.

She hadn’t lost weight, her energy was still erratic, her mood was irritable and down.

Until she did something that turned it all around and changed her LIFE!

And no, she didn’t win the lotto!

Read on to find out the missing factor to her success…

CONCERN/REASONS FOR APPOINTMENT: “Am on Thyroxine, last numbers were just outside recommended, feeling tired, putting on weight, not feeling right”

Jane – not her real name – came to us because she didn’t feel well despite being on medication. She was on thyroxine, and her dose was all over the place, a sign that the root cause to her thyroid issues were still active and making it hard to treat.

Medical history: Hyperthyroidism treated with carbimazole, after 14 months had thyroid radiation treatment, then became hypothyroid. In 2011 had nodules on thyroid, these were removed in a partial thyroidectomy.

Main complaints:

  • Weight gain
  • Lower mood and fatigued
  • Menopause symptoms
  • Waking Basal Temperature – 34°C – (should be 37)

Patients who had hyperthyroidism, and then end up with hypothyroidism after treatment, get a double whammy of physical changes that are frustrating, confusing, and hard to accept.

Initially they are super human. They are hyper – so everything is fast in their body. They lose weight, the talk faster, they get more done, they thrive on activity and burning energy. Our society LIKES these traits, and patients become attached to these feelings.

Eventually the scales tip, it is not sustainable for the body to be in a hyper state.

In Jane’s case, she was was put on medication to suppress thyroid hormones as it was affecting her heart and dangerous to her health. That didn’t work so a part of her thyroid was destroyed with radiation therapy. This put her into a HYPOthyroid state and she needed replacement medication. Then she had a partial thyroidectomy due to nodules, making her even more dependent on thyroid replacement medication – thyroxine.

Thyroxine is a synthetic medication, and needs to be activated by your body into the active fT3 to be used. Think of it like having a car without petrol. Many people on Thyroxine don’t convert the medication efficiently, due to vitamin deficiencies, or genetic health issues where the enzymes called thyroid deiodinases (D1, D2 & D3) are not expressing well.

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The first 6 months

Jane mentally wanted to give her program her all, but compliance was an issue. She was forgetting to take her prescribed supplements, she had made some dietary changes, but still having too much ‘stress-relief’ food.

Her practitioner supported her and met her on mutual ground, guiding achievable changes that were hard for Jane. Stress was a big factor that was slowing down her results, as stress creates a cascade of hormones, affects absorption of nutrients, and affects good, deep, healing sleep when it is too high.

And we need to remember Jane’s history – she had been hyperthyroid for many years and had gotten used to running at 200% capacity. It felt great at the time! And in her mind, that was where she wanted to be, so kept pushing herself with exercise and mental stress.

Then a big shift happened that turned everything around.

Jane had a change. She decided to stop worrying about things that she didn’t need to. Family arguments, workplace stress, and most importantly of all, her attachment to a goal to be like her old hyperthyroid self which was not achievable or healthy.

Letting go of this took such a load of stress off her, that she turned her energy to her program.

She followed the diet her naturopath suggested, she became interested in the quality and source of her food. She saw that the supplements HAD helped her a great deal, despite not taking them consistently, so she vowed to do it properly this time. She set reminders on her phone so she wouldn’t miss a dose.

And at the next consult, she was thrilled with her results!

Jane’s Naturopaths Comments

“Just spoke with one of my lovely ladies that has now got her weight down under 70kgs. She is ecstatic because she hasn’t been under 70kg for over 10 yrs. Now no more heart palpitations and so much energy to burn she is awake at 4am ready to go for the day.”


The truth is that we all can’t just jump in and make all the necessary changes in one hit. That is why it is called a healing journey. Many people need time to progress at their own pace, and that is totally fine! Your health practitioner will meet you where you are at NOW and guide you along the way to better health.

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