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Impressive Withania Somnefera Study Demonstrates the POWER of Botanicals

By Lucy Rose Clinic

May 25, 2021

Most of our patients will be prescribed a specific herbal formula for them, and all will be exposed to the magic of botanicals in either their supplements, diet, or beverages.

Herbal medicine has been the medicine of every single group of people, of every single culture, and in every single country on this planet, since the beginning of time!

Today I want to share some insights into the power of herbal medicine, and share a favourite study highlighting the effectiveness of our favourite herb Withania (Ashwaganda).

Herbal medicine supports holistic treatment which is grounded in the concept that the prevention of disease is as equally important as the treatment for the particular disease. That said, it is administered in its pure, unadulterated form.

Herbal medicine comes in several forms and may be taken orally or applied externally. Forms include: 


      • Liquid herb extracts

      • Teas

      • Powdered

      • Capsules and tablets

      • Baths

      • Compresses

      • Douches

      • Poultices and plasters

      • Oils

      • Ointments

      • Salves

      • Wraps

    Withania is one of our favourite herbs! We use it in liquid concoctions, and it is also in our product Primergene.

    There have been many studies on the effects of Withania to our hormones, anxiety, libido, muscle strength and endurance, and improving overall health.

    One study of 8 weeks was associated with increased levels of DHEA-S and testosterone. (Reference here.)


        • It has also been shown to increase DHEA in fatigued women

        • It is used as an adjunctive treatment for HIV/AIDS due to its has Th1 immunomodulatory properties – study

        • It can be used during chemotherapy and radiation (under guidance of course) here and here

        • It is a tonic for the elderly.


          • It can enhance low libido in women. Study

        Why quality counts

        Herbal medicine is only as effective as the active compounds present in the plant it is made from.

        There is a vast array of differences that a herbal supplement manufacturer may come across that effect the quality of the end product, from being sent the wrong species of plant, to the plant not containing the required compounds due to time of harvest, growing environment, age of plant, or degradation of the raw material in transit, or other factors.

        This is why we only use and recommend practitioner grade products to our patients, which are properly tested to ensure the medicinal compounds are in the end product.

        This is also why natural medicine has copped a lot of flack over the years. Sadly there are many substandard products on the market in Australia that simply have little to no therapeutic value as it is not a condition of manufacture to batch test and meet standardised process of an end product. This is an expensive process, and manufacturers would need to increase the price of their product which does not bode well for sales and competition on the product line,

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