We are a Telehealth Integrative Health Service

The Lucy Rose Clinic is 100% telehealth. All appointments are conducted via phone or Zoom in the comfort of your own home. Blood testing is done at your nearest Healius Pathology Centre and Urine and Saliva testing is done at home.

We service patients all across Australia

The Lucy Rose Clinic has patients and practitioners located all across Australia, this means that your physical location has no impact on your treatment. We provide virtual care via telehealth to patients across Australia:

Why a Telehealth Service?

It was actually during the COVID pandemic of 2020, that we changed to the Telehealth model. We found that our patients (similar to everyone else) didn’t want to leave the house to attend appointments, so we started conducting online naturopath appointments. The feedback from patients was overwhelmingly positive as they were able to efficiently attend appointments without disrupting their day, all they needed was a phone or a computer. Our in house pathology lab meant that we could make testing simpler by sending out testing kits directly to our patients and get results back faster and all at the same time. And it also made our practitioners happier to be able to work from their home offices and save some time on the commute.

So after COVID started to settle we decided to stick with the telehealth model, and we haven’t looked back.

A Comprehensive Functional Health Screening with the convenience of Telehealth

Why not take advantage of it and book a free consult to determine how we can help you get your health and vitality back.