Bicarb can be the bread and butter of natural living, I remember when I first started studying and learning how to avoid toxic chemical, I was advised to pop some bicarb in a shaker, get a spray bottle with vinegar in it, spray vinegar onto any stove or bath or mouldy tiles, shake on some bicarb, allow to bubble, then wipe off later.

No one can really lay claim to recipes such as this, they have been around far longer that the modern made and advertised cleaning agents full of nasties. Yet more expensive formulations of the same creamy and textured feel with toxic additives are still far more popular. Why? Because we want something we trust will work every time, on a squeaky clean level that will be fast, take no effort, and kill everything. So we wear gloves and try not to breath, which is quite silly when you think about it since we achieve all things with the steps below.


My favourite thing about this short recipe of mine or super-duper one  of my mums is that I don’t need to wear gloves! The little jar she made me in 2016 is still going strong, and I have a white kitchen, white dining table, white chairs, and a deep love for turmeric and beetroot!

The ever so soft grittiness is the essential hallmark of a good cream cleanser, using your finger tip to gently rub it in will lift the worst of stains, quite quickly. She prefers and really nice texture- see below!


Luckily, natural cream cleansers are easy to make and super effective, they last a very long time and you need not use much. Bicarb is cheap, and it sanitizes and deodorizes when used as well as stain removal. There is no chlorine to bleach out the surface, and it’s safe for any children or animals that come into contact with traces of it if you are letting something soak. If you want this recipe because you suffer from skin conditions, you may also want to read about diet & lifestyle for healthy skin and eczema.


You will need:

1  x small glass jar about 200-300ml in size and its lid, cleaned/sterilized

1 x box of bicarb we normally buy the Mackenzie brand, but any is fine

Some water, about 1-3 tablespoons

Measuring cups and spoons, 1 glass of stainless steel mixing bowl

Masking Tape and a texta or pens for the labels (my mother prints pretty labels with twine for me)

Optional: your favourite natural essential oils, and mums extra a dash of vinegar and a dash of natural liquid soap!



  • Place half the bicarb and 1TBP water (or the whole box and 2TBP) into the bowl and stir in well. Some people who make larger amounts and will use a kitchen whizz to get this done speedily.
  • You may add slightly less or more water to get your own desired texture. In general it should not be runny, a paste will be strongest. Tipping the bowl side to side will help you decide, there should be no dry powder.
  • Its best to add any essential oils after achieving the desired consistency, then stir again.
  • Pop it into a jar, and label with ingredients and date. Ready to use!

Natural Fragrance

As a rule of thumb I like to leave it unscented, or add about 5 drops to every ½ cup of natural cleanser. If you prefer a soapier texture, or want some ratios for adding essential oils to fragrance your home try this alternate recipe for homemade cleaning paste. The only thing I need to do now, is figure out some other ways to use my bi-carb before it goes out of date 🙂


Want some more cleaning recipes? Try this natural citrus vinegar, some options for amazing detox baths, or read about other easy ways to detox your home.




Naturopath Kimberly Orbons, Adelaide, The Lucy Rose Clinic

Naturopath Kimberly Orbons, Adelaide, The Lucy Rose Clinic

Kimberly Orbons 

Adv Dip Naturopathy, Adv Dip Western Herbal Medicine

Head Naturopath Kimberly Orbons is passionate about encouraging and empowering each person to facilitate their own good health with Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and preventative lifestyle management. Using a combination of diagnostics and symptomatology to identify the different metabolic processes contributing to disease allows her to treat the root or cause of poor health, providing relief of symptoms and long term recovery.

Kimberly believes it is extremely important to build a personalized healing plan, taking all the complexities of a patient’s health and illness into consideration. Her consults have a strong focus on client care and treating each patient as an individual, and may therefore co-ordinate with other medical treatments. The goal is to establish each patient’s ability to live in the best possible state of health, naturally. Her mentors in clinical practice include Founder Lucy Herron, Dr. David Brownstein, Naturopath Angela Hywood and Dr. Sarah Wine. Since achieving her qualifications in 2007 she has extensive clinical experience, and also 3 years managing the natural health sections and seminar within pharmacy.


Natural “Jiff” like Cleaner (NATURAL CREAM CLEANSING PASTE)

Natural “Jiff” like Cleaner (NATURAL CREAM CLEANSING PASTE)