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Naturopathic Lifestyle Tips For A Healthy Autumn!

By Lucy Rose Clinic

March 11, 2021

Join Naturopath Steph for an information session on how to prepare and thrive as we shift into the cooler months!

Have you already noticed any of the following?

~ Really cold fingers, feet, or you are wearing MORE layers than everyone else?

~ Sinusitis, itchy skin, postnasal drip, or other allergy signs?

~ Digestive issues such as slower bowel movement, loose bowels, or gut pains?

~ Weight gain or loss?

~ Extra fatigue and trouble with your energy?

~ Sleep issues – trouble falling asleep, waking through the night, or waking exhausted?

Now is the time to put your health first! Book a consult today to ensure your body is strong and healthy this winter!


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