New Series: The "Family" Thyroid Connection

We decided to start a family email series over the next few months. We’re going to try to keep this on Tuesday nights, so keep an eye out for our Tuesday emails if this is of interest to you.

I felt like this email series is a chance for us to get a bit more personal and talk about your health and your family’s health as it pertains to thyroid function.

Tonight, I’d like to discuss a little bit about how children are affected by a less than optimal thyroid hormone during pregnancy.

If I realised the negative effects I was experiencing were as a result of my mum’s pregnancy, I would have known how (and where) to alleviate my symptoms a lot sooner.

I literally stopped working for six months so that I could get better in my 30s. I can only imagine if I had chosen to ignore it for years and years!

So today, I’d love to share a great example of what could happens for some Young Mums with children that “get labeled”.

One of our staff members has a son with what appears to be adhd or potentially dyspraxia. (He hasn’t been diagnosed yet because he’s still too young. That’s him on the right picture.)

I didn’t ever know what dyspraxia was until she shared it with me, but I remember when I first met this particular woman, I could see that there was a hypo-thyroid condition going on for her.

We did further testing, before I realised her son had any challenges, and there it was.

Her iodine levels were low and her thyroid function was slow on her Thyroid Blood Profile.

Plus, her estrogen was really high. (A symptom my mum had when she was diagnosed with a terminal condition.)

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She was the fourth of five kids (and so she would have received the fourth “Hand-Me-Down”, amount of thyroid hormone during her mum’s pregnancy).

Since starting her treatment program, and now a year later, she looks and feels better than she did since having her kids (more than 3 years ago now).

In August last year, her son’s journey has started to be really tough. Kids with dyspraxia or add or asd or adhd (or any learning disorder), have a more challenging journey with just about everything relating to school.

Doctors and teachers forecast the worst for these young parents just realising their child’s condition.

One of the things I’ve always found quite interesting is what Dr. Brownstein shares about the existence of a poor performing thyroid and it’s connection with children.

(You can watch his 50 minute seminar explaining this here:

Lately, our patients seem to be getting younger and younger, and I genuinely feel it’s because our books and videos are touching more parents who were able to watch our seminars and documentary.

And if you’d like to investigate this with us on you, or would like to help your daughter or son, please book in a time to speak with our practitioner to see if we can help you. Simply book in here:

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In his seminar, Dr. Brownstein shares the importance of the thyroid hormone and how it could be the one thing causing “all” of the problems. He said…

“Rather than going from specialist to specialist, what if everything is just linked to the thyroid, and you could just treat the one thing?”

Kids that have trouble with spelling tests, reading, focusing, depression, anxiety are often low in common nutrients connected to thyroid function…

Today, we’re having more kids diagnosed with anxiety, depression, add, adhd, odd, osd, spd, and many more conditions.

And so much of it may be connected to the fact that many mums didn’t produce enough thyroid hormone.

Our research across our clinic shows that more than 80% of Australians have an under-active thyroid gland. The stats across Australia are more like 40%.

Palpating the thyroid properly is so important. It helps the practitioner or doctor, feel for any lumps, bumps, or inflammation of the thyroid gland.

“And yet, most doctors haven’t been trained [to palpate the thyroid properly] or do not do it in a physical assessment.”

Dr. Brownstein

If you resonate with any of the common symptoms (weight gain, fatigue, poor memory, brain fog, depression, sugar cravings, irritability, chronic pain, muscle aches), there’s a good chance that you have slowing thyroid hormone.

Or it’s possible that mum wasn’t producing enough thyroid hormone in her pregnancy.

If your mum had a thyroid issue or had similar issues, prevention (and getting tested) is always better than a cure.

More importantly, if your kids are having any issues and you are feeling tired, getting brain fog, suffering from poor memory, or any of the conditions mentioned above, they are good reason for you to come in for a consultation to get your thyroid looked at.

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If you want to learn more about what Dr. Brownstein has to say about the thyroid, palpating the thyroid, and what may be going on if you, or, your family has had any issues, please take the time to watch this 65 minute seminar from him on “The Truth about Thyroid in Australia”.

I feel the Thyroid Hormone “Connection” in family genetics is one of the most interesting things about what we do! I hope you do too.

We’ll keep up the conversation over the next few months.

If you have any questions, or there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.


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