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Why should you choose Us?

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    We are at the forefront of evidence-based integrative healthcare and use the best of both conventional and complementary health solutions, to get you feeling your absolute best.

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    We are a team of 25 qualified, nationwide naturopaths with a focus on, and clinical expertise in thyroid health. We will be beside you every step of the way to help you achieve your health goals.

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    We treat you as a unique individual, offer in-depth clinical assessment and diagnosis and personalise your treatment plan, to balance and finely tune your biochemistry and hormonal system.

We are highly skilled at putting the health puzzle together by identifying the drivers of the biochemical imbalance in your system.

We are the thyroid experts. We are a team. We support each other in your treatment, to get you feeling your absolute best.

We have a global network of integrative doctors and naturopathic specialists that we work with to keep us up to date on the latest treatments and research. This gives us the ability to work collaboratively with you and the global team of experts if your case is multifactorial and complex.

We do this because we love it! We understand that with thyroid imbalance comes sometimes years of frustration and confusion about your health. We are here to listen and finally find the solution you’ve been searching for. We offer phone and video conference consultations. We are here to help and support you back to true health.

Fully qualified naturopathic team with experience and expertise in assessing and treating thyroid conditions. With a combined experience of 170 years across the team and a collaborative, global network of thyroid doctors and naturopaths we can help you reach your health potential.

We test, We don’t guess.
Our expertise lies in the interpretive skill of functional testing and marrying that with your symptom picture, health history, physical signs, and family history. This is known as clinical diagnosis and is necessary to understand the reasons for your health problems.
We have our own pathology laboratory and offer an extensive range of functional testing. We test blood, urine, and saliva and offer telehealth consultation services to people all over Australia, New Zealand, and parts of America. With fast turnaround times, this comprehensive testing gives us the ability to fully understand the causes behind your health problems. Our team are highly skilled at choosing the right tests for you and from the results are able to develop a personalised treatment plan. Everyone is different and thyroid imbalances can be triggered by many different biochemical drivers.

We use an integrative approach and utilise the best of both conventional and complementary medicine. We treat you as an individual and with careful assessment of your biochemistry, we are able to create a personalised treatment plan for YOU using dietary, lifestyle, herbal medicines, and specifically dosed nutrients based on your test results and case. Not one size fits all and you need to understand and explore why YOU have these symptoms and what are the drivers for YOU so that you can reverse the consequences as quickly as possible.

Why Do we Specialise in Thyroid?

Have you been to your doctor, had all the tests, but still don’t feel right?

You wouldn’t believe how often we hear this, you’re definitely not alone. We feel there is another way to look at things and a more advanced way to treat people. We tap into not just our extensive experience but also the work of some of the world’s pioneers in thyroid health, including Dr. David Brownstein (leading USA thyroid doctor), Dr. Richard Bayliss (head of the endocrine society and physician to the Queen), and Dr. Broda Barnes (40 years of clinical experience as a thyroid doctor).

We focus on balancing the thyroid gland because it controls every cell in the body, and we know, if left untreated, it has the ability to lead to serious chronic health conditions later in life.

“With a finely tuned thyroid gland, and balanced biochemistry, everyone has the opportunity to reach their full health potential.” – Lucy Herron -Founder of The Lucy Rose Clinic

Want to know more

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    Lucy Herron is the passionate founder and CEO of The Lucy Rose Clinic

    Her vision is: “to change healthcare not only on a nationwide scale but on a global scale” using integrative health solutions.

    After starting the company in 2012 with 4 clinics, The Lucy Rose Clinic grew to 13 clinics providing support across Australia. We are continuing to grow to be the leaders in integrative health, specialising in thyroid conditions. We are a hands-on, collaborative team at The Lucy Rose Clinic, driven by our patients’ health success, personalising our treatments based on the individuals’ clinical assessment and striving to “change lives” one Australian at a time”.

    “We see on average of between 800-1000 patients and are now a 100% telehealth service. If our treatment plans are followed we get an average of 70% of our patients well, naturally, in 12-16 weeks. The remaining 30% of patients may need medication, and we work closely with integrative doctors to ensure they get what is needed to achieve optimal health” – Lucy Herron