[Patient Story] Suffering from Depression & Anxiety: Amy’s Journey

Mental health often is quite common in many underperforming thyroid situations and could possibly be affecting your mood or giving you anxiety.

I hope you enjoy hearing “Amy’s thyroid improvement journey”…

From: Amy, 39, mum from Melbourne

I was tired, depressed, and felt like I couldn’t face the day even though I had two beautiful children to play with every day.

My partner asked why I’d been so moody and why I wasn’t even interested in being intimate anymore.

(I did have a new baby to deal with though, so that was a good enough reason to need some time out).

The first six months after the birth of my first daughter, I thought I was going crazy and when the doctor could only offer an anti-depressant and said that it was post-natal depression. I couldn’t believe it.

I gave them a go for a month. However, it made no difference, if anything I noticed that I started to gain more weight!

I decided to be more proactive and started looking at the reasons for depression and mood swings and everything pointed to my hormones…

I found the Women’s Day special feature on The Lucy Rose Clinic and felt that at least I could check my thyroid hormone.

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I got my Thyroid Screen and bam! I felt a huge relief…

After getting the further testing done, beyond what a normal doctor offers, I was finally able to see able to see in black and white that it wasn’t a depression thing.

Furthermore, the tests showed that my thyroid function was extremely low and I had massive nutrient deficiencies.

No wonder I was so exhausted and emotional!

The tests provided a wealth of information, far beyond what a simple TSH (standard blood panel) test ever gave me.

I had never had these tests done and can’t believe how I’ve been led to believe that it was depression and one medication was going to “fix” me’.

I can’t recommend The Lucy Rose Clinic enough! Let them help you in the same way because this is the time in your life where you should be happiest. You deserve this and your family does too!

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What happens to Post Natal Women

We love our kids, and there are very few things as special as our children.

But, when your little one develops in the womb, he or she needs the elements from your thyroid…

And takes those essential nutrients your thyroid relies on.

Doctors only check 4 “Thyroid Indicators”. We check 8.

Your Reverse T3s tell a different story and your hormones tell an even bigger story!

I encourage you to take the first step and get your THYROID tested.

See how your thyroid speed is working with the Thyroflex Test to see if there’s a potential problem.

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Wishing you great health and vitality,

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