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Treat Perimenopause Naturally

By Lucy Rose Clinic

April 29, 2021

Did you know that a woman’s hormones are changing from the age of 38 years?

Did you know that Perimenopause lasts 2 – 12 years before menopause?

Many women suffer greatly during this time thinking the only options to them are medical interventions – but I want to share with you that there is another, non-invasive and drug free way to balance these hormones and help you feel balanced again.

Plus a patient review as well.

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Have close look at the graph above, in particular, the estrodial line
This powerful hormone wreaks havoc in Perimenopause, and this pattern can last up to 12 years if the body is not assisted to better functionality.

Additionally, the thyroid is often also throwing similar symptoms in the mix, making a medical diagnosis difficult, and treatment options often do not address all factors driving these severe symptoms.

Hypothyroidism and a heavy period
There are 4 main factors that cause heavy painful periods by a low or suboptimal thyroid:
Impairing ovulation
Lowered SHBG
Estrogen metabolism via the liver is slower
Decreased coagulation factors

High Estrogen and Heavy Periods
Estrogen stimulates mast cells to release histamine and inflammation. Our uterus has a LOT of mast cells, so excess estrogen drives localised inflammation which leads to heavy, painful periods, adenomyosis, endometriosis, bleeding disorders and more.

Iodine to the rescue
Iodine balances the estrogen receptors and educes estrogen sensitivity, and is one of our favourite tools to help balance hormones, reduce cysts and nodules, and help better brain function. Oh, and build up low thyroid hormone production when taken with the right co-factors!
Symptoms of LOW Progesterone and HIGH Estrogen
Irregular Periods
Pre-menstrual syndrome
Irritability, anxiety, and mood swings
Infertility or miscarriages
Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
Symptoms of HIGH Estrogen and Histamine
Migraines or headaches
Joint pain
Breast pain and heaviness
Non-Surgical Drug-Free OptionsTesting is required to understand your individual imbalances in the endocrine (hormone) systems. This includes but is not limited to: Full thyroid panel with reverse T3, inflammatory markers, progesterone (on day 21), estrogen, testosterone, iodine, methylation factors, iron studies, and other tests as needed.
Once we understand what is driving your symptoms, clinically validated herbal medicines, along with nutritional correction, diet, and lifestyle build a truly holistic approach to get your balance back.
Herbs can support better progesterone production, as well as assist excretion of excess estrogen, getting the estrogen-progesterone balance in range.

Treating any issues with the gut is also important, especially for immune-related conditions such as PCOS, IBD, or Endometriosis. Treatment includes supporting mucosa healing with herbs and nutrients such as glutamine and zinc, reducing dysbiotic organisms, and improving the balance of good to bad bacteria in the gut microbiome.
Correcting iodine levels in the body is also essential.
Surging insulin can be managed with the correct diet, and herbal medicine if required, preventing future diabetes, and assisting with menopause-related weight gain – or ‘middle-age spread’.
We have been helping women through these intense hormonal changes for over 8 years, and know what testing is needed, and the right treatment to get you well.
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Review from Shannyn“This company helped me … I’d spent so much time and money beforehand seeing endocrinologists and GP’s. I was feeling 100% within 8 to 12 months and now I no longer require medication to keep my levels right.”
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