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Our Practitioners

We are a team of passionate natural health practitioners skilled in natural thyroid and hormonal solutions. Each member of the team is qualified and experienced in treating our patients with the Lucy Rose Clinic’s expert diagnostics and treatment protocols. We are proud to offer world-leading treatment approaches, with each practitioner bringing their own clinical experiences to the Lucy Rose network.

Carmell Serafin


Carmell is a seasoned Lucy Rose Naturopath who started with us in 2015. She has a passion for herbal medicine, combined with 15 years expertise in helping patients regain control of their health and transform their lives. From Hashimoto's to weight loss, she has successfully supported patients through a range of health challenges, utilising her skills in nutrition, lifestyle modification, and holistic therapies. When she's not working with clients, you can find her horseriding or exploring the great outdoors.



Frances started with the Lucy Rose Clinic in 2019. Her journey into natural health field began with the birth of her children, as she sought out natural ways to nourish their bodies and support their immune systems. The more she researched and learned, the more she realised that she had found her calling. Her passion for empowering others to take charge of their health is what drives her and she strives to provide personalised and empathetic care that is driven toward achieving each individual's goals.


Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine
Advanced Diploma in NaturopathY

Kim is one of the original Lucy Rose Team who started with us in 2012. She has a passion for encouraging and empowering her patients to facilitate their own good health, with nutrition, herbal medicine and practical lifestyle management. Her own diagnosis of Autoimmune Thyroiditis came in 2014, and she is still happy, healthy, and medication-free using only natural therapies and diet and lifestyle to maintain her healthy metabolism.

Kym Emmerson

Nutrition and Health Coach
Advanced Diploma in Nutrition
and Health Coaching

Kym is a certified Nutrition and Health coach specialising in supporting and empowering women with chronic health problems to create healthy lifestyle habits around nutrition, exercise, mindset, sleep, stress and more. Her own personal journey as a Hashimoto's patient and long struggle with fatigue, anxiety, and panic attacks drove her to study this field, and she discovered so many more options that her doctor did not tell her about in order to live a happy and healthy life. Now she thrives helping others also reclaim their vitality - both physically and mentally, using a holistic and integrative approach.


Natural Health Practitioner
Double Bachelor Degree in Nutritional Medicine and Naturopathy

Kirsty found through her years as a naturopath that often the underlying factor to a patient not recovering was an undiagnosed thyroid or adrenal issue. She loves having access to world-leading sensitive pathology that gets answers for her patients and allows her to treat them holistically and accurately. Helping people really take back that control of their health and seeing them change for the better is why she is so passionate about her job.

Kristy Hammersley


Kristy is passionate in preventative care and holistic healing. She combines a love of herbal medicine with a purpose of supporting and empowering women along their healing journey to take their health into their own hands, and loves witnessing them achieve their health goals. Her areas of focus include hormonal and thyroid conditions, stress and anxiety, digestive conditions and in bringing their body back into balance.


Natural Health Practitioner
Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy

Lauren always had an interest in natural health and nutrition and remembers as a child being fascinated when she first heard about naturopathy. It took her own journey with chronic health problems and frustration at not getting relief from conventional medical treatment to not only seek naturopathic care but to study it herself. Despite the challenges of studying with two young children, she loved every minute of it and was never tired of learning new insights into disease and effective natural healthcare approaches. Lauren is passionate about determining the underlying cause behind a person’s ill health and helping them "get their life back" like she herself did many years ago..

Lesley Bergstrom

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
and Herbal Medicine

Lesley is passionate about assisting her clients in finding balance and better health in their lives. She is a naturopath and herbalist and has been practicing for 5 years now. She loves the holistic nature of naturopathy.


HEAD PRACTITIONER - Certified Gerson Practitioner Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), BCom, BA

Marissa’s own health journey inspired her to become a naturopath. On discovering natural medicine she recognised that many symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, stress, and digestive disturbances were due to underlying thyroid concerns. Now she specialised in it! She works with The Lucy Rose Clinic because it has an integrative approach and uses evidence-based medicine, functional testing and customised treatment plans to deliver optimal results to all patients.


natural health practitioner
Bachelor of Health Science

Maddie was exposed to the health-reviving potential of naturopathy as a teen. Suffering from recurrent infections and having antibiotic therapy repeatedly without health benefits resulted in Maddie's stepmother taking her to a naturopath. Testing discovered she had Glandular fever and Hashimoto's, and after the correct treatment, she was back to a thriving teenager. Today she is excited to help others on a life-changing healing path using naturopathy, lifestyle medicine, and thorough testing.

Megan Eftovski

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

Megan is passionate about health and adopting ways to naturally support and nurture the body to reach its optimal potential. “I was diagnosed with a benign thyroid adenoma whilst pregnant in 2015. I went on to have a partial thyroidectomy in 2016 and have had a particular fascination with the thyroid and endocrine system ever since. I love evidence-based holistic medicine and I get such joy from seeing my patients reach their goals and live the life they have always dreamed of.”


Natural Health Practitioner
Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

Valeriya grew up with Natural Medicine being the go-to for all health-related ailments. She then journeyed to Asia where she learned the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She decided to continue along this path and develop her knowledge of the human body and the ways it heals through her study of Naturopathy. She has experience with critically ill oncology patients, the female reproductive system (particularly endometriosis), MTHFR abnormalities, mental health (including addictions, ADD, ADHD, depression, and panic attacks), and pain management. She has conducted additional studies into psychosomatic illness manifestations (N.E.T. – NeuroEmotional Technique) and is now studying psychology on the side.


Natural Health Practitioner
Bachelor of Health Science
(Naturopathic Medicine)

Rachael’s first role working in a chemist led her to become passionate about supplementation and inspired hours of research into natural health. This led to her discovering naturopathy and its power to help patients reverse their symptoms and have the best quality of life possible. She works with The Lucy Rose Clinic because she is passionate about using functional testing to uncover the cause of her patient's concerns and believes it helps them to achieve better outcomes.

Zoe Williamson

Natural Health Practitioner
Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

Zoe became a naturopath due to facing health challenges of her own and seeing first hand the powerful benefits of natural medicine. She fell in love with finding and correcting the underlying drivers of diseases and wanted to help others do the same. She is passionate about empowering and educating clients to become the best versions of themselves. She loves functional testing which takes the guess work out and helps people achieve and sustain long term outcomes. Outside of work, she loves being out in nature, either at the beach or hiking in the QLD hinterland! Equally she loves being at home with a good book and cuddling with her pup Luna.