Carmell Serafin – PRACTITIONER

Carmell Serafin

Why did you become a naturopath?

I have always had an interest nature and health, this led to my first undertaking Environmental studies. After being accepted to study Resource Management at Newcastle University I became aware that a Bachelors Degree in Herbal Practice was being offered, I without a thought transferred to the program, and have never looked back since graduating in 2007.

Why did you join The Lucy Rose Clinic?

After graduating my Bachelors Degree in Herbal Practice, and after operating a herbal dispensary in pharmacy for 8 years, I decided it was time for a change; I was interested in private practice however when I saw that The Lucy Rose position had become available I applied without hesitation, and much to my delight I secured a practitioner position in 2015.

What is the most memorable moment you’ve experienced at Lucy Rose?

The most exciting and memorable moment I have had since becoming a Lucy Rose practitioner was when Dr David Brownstein came to Australia for a series of seminars in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. I was lucky enough to have attended all 3 as a staff member.

How do you think you can help patients?

After 4.5yrs with The Lucy Rose Clinic in the Newcastle clinic, working with Lucy’s core protocols and my own style as a practitioner, I have built much confidence and knowledge in order to help coach my patients to move toward a life of wellness in mind, body and spirit.

skills and education

Bachelors Degree in Herbal Practice

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