Christine Herron – Practitioner

I am delighted to be a part of the Lucy Rose Clinic team, offering NLP consultations to clients to help them determine exactly what they want in their life and how to get it.

What is NLP exactly? It stands for

Neuro: the power of the unconscious mind, which controls most your thoughts and actions.

Linguistic: the ways you communicate with yourselves and others.

Programming: the habits and patterns of behaviour unique to you.

NLP uses powerful questions to focus on solutions and give you a different perspective on your thoughts, emotions and actions.

As well as being an NLP Master Practitioner, I have a n Honours Degree from London University and Certificates in Education and International Coaching. Throughout my career, which spans teaching, counselling and mentoring, I have supported people in achieving their their goals and fulfilling their dreams.

This has been my lifelong passion and I look forward to helping you, now,gain more control in your life and greater success and happiness.