Christine Howell

Dip of Applied Science (Naturopathy), Southern School of Natural Therapies

Advanced Diploma Naturopathy

Christine gained her qualifications as a naturopath over 20 years ago. Over this time she has developed a love and passion for hormone management.

Having specialised in children’s health, mental health issues and hormonal imbalances for a number of years, Christine is aware of the importance of good nutrition and supportive natural medicines to help achieve optimal health.

Naturopathy has so much to offer, especially with thyroid conditions that can be vastly improved through better nutrition and using an integrated approach to improve overall wellbeing.

Her lifelong dedication has always been about educating people to live healthier and happier lifestyles. She has experienced firsthand the importance of good sound advice and knowledge for patients.

In her retail consulting experience, Christine has seen that frequently the public are misguided or mislead with information they have read or what they thought someone had told them: “Focusing on individualised treatment plans, is the key step to unlocking the burden of unwanted / troublesome symptoms”.

At The Lucy Rose Clinic, Christine offers a broad range of testing methods such as Thyroflex and blood & urinalysis, using these results treatments can be tailored to the individual patient’s needs.

Christine not only offers naturopathic services and advice but as an integrated practitioner can provide treatment services for her patients (should they require it) including hormone or compounded prescriptions for the treatment of hormonal disorders.

This makes her consults an invaluable service whether or not someone has already been diagnosed, but as yet have not had their health full restored to them.

Throughout her career she has spent many years managing her naturopathic clinic and has had extensive experience working in health food stores throughout Victoria.

“What I try to explain to patients is that we are all individuals with our own unique health concerns and treatments need to be addressed accordingly”.

Christine is a qualified naturopath and registered with the National Herbalists Association of Australia.

What Others are saying about CHRISTINE


This has been an amazing journey for me. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 2009 and IBS in 2015. I was recommended to The Lucy Rose Clinic by a friend last year but it wasn’t until early this year when my health was suffering and I couldn’t understand why, that I decided to book in. It was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself! Caitlin has been so supportive, understanding and helpful guiding me through every step of the way. The specific blood tests and food intolerance testing has changed the way I feel. I no longer have any IBS symptoms!! I haven’t felt this good in 3 years. This is a life time change and it’s amazing how the body can heal with the right foods. I urge any one that has not been feeling ‘right’ in the mind and body to make that decision and book in to The Lucy Rose Clinic. Thank you Sylvia


I am so grateful that I found the Lucy Rose Clinic and Christine from Geelong. After struggling for many years with all sort of problems from allergic reactions weight gain extreme tiredness bowel issues I am now feeling so much better. More energy and even lost 9kg. I would recomend the testing to give the answers you need. Christine has been wonderful and very caring and supportive.


I went to Lucy Rose clinic feeling flat several months after a thyroidectomy. The plan discussed and the process surrounding how Christine and I were to work together to get me back to vitality was very clear and straightforward. Whilst I’ve got a way to go, my tests results show clearly where my deficiencies are and we now have a plan of action….. 🙂

CHRISTINE’S Specialities:

• Hormone management
• Hormone imbalance
• Childrens health
• Mental health issues

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