Danielle Carew – PRACTITIONER

Danielle Carew

Why did you become a naturopath ?

I have always been interested in nutrition and natural medicine. My parents taught me from a young age that when you eat well and look after your health – you will have more energy, feel better and be able to live a fuller life. I decided to become a naturopath as I was looking for a career where I could really make a difference in people’s lives, as well as use my innate interest in health and nutrition.

Why did you join The Lucy Rose Clinic?

I decided to join the Lucy Rose Clinic as I had heard about the amazing protocols the clinic used in dealing with Thyroid conditions. In my previous practice, I could see how wide-spread thyroid dysfunction was, and knew it would be amazing to work alongside experts in this field to help people overcome their thyroid conditions.

What is the most memorable moment you’ve experienced at Lucy Rose?

The most memorable moments are when clients tell me that “you have changed my life!” I have clients hugging me and weeping with joy at the fact that they now have the energy to live! And I feel so proud to be able to help them achieve this.

How do you think you can help patients?

I love to spend time with my patients to really understand the underlying cause of their symptoms – looking at all aspects of their life – including their physical, emotional and mental state. I really enjoy working together with my patients to develop a treatment plan that they can use to reach their optimal health.

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