Kirsty Matijevic

Kirsty is a fully qualified Naturopath, who is passionate about helping people to attain a high level of health and wellbeing.

At a very early age Kirsty suffered with sever allergies, eczema and digestive problems.

Unfortunately pharmaceutical medications provided very little relief and no long term solution for her.

Later she was introduced to Naturopathy and its fundamental concept of symptomatic relief as well as treatment of the causes.

The naturopathic way of healing the body proved to be life changing for Kirsty’s health, this inspired her to study and practice Naturopathy, ultimately bringing this knowledge and healing to others.

Kirsty is a friendly and enthusiastic practitioner who has a special interest in, but not limited to weight loss, stress and fatigue, acne, eczema and psoriasis and childhood behavioural disorders.

As a naturopath Kirsty does not stop at treating the symptoms but identifies and treat the cause as well.

As no two people are alike, Kirsty tailor-makes each treatment plan specifically to each patient so as to ensure the best possible outcome.

Kirsty is a full member of Australian Natural Therapists Association(ANTA).

What Others are saying about KIRSTY


I have just begun my journey to wellness with Kirsty at the Melbourne Clinic. So good to have my health concerns acknowledged and understood. Kirsty is highly knowledgeable in her field and great at keeping explanations simple. Thank you.


I have been going to kristy for over 15 months and in total have lost 16 kilos I’m been sleeping and dealing with my stress levels better and she is working on my Thoriod levels which have inproved a lot but still needs more work but very close. I’m now eating the right foods that she put on my planner and now have more energy. Kristy is very easy to talk too very caring and supportive and has given me quality of life back.


After yrs of debitating, misdiagnosed, bowel problems, extreme lack of energy/exhaustion. I was told about Lucy Rose Thyroid Clinic from a friend who was clearly showing massive health improvements of her own. I now, (18mths on), have a new lease of life, no longer a bowel ruling my life, sleeping well, energy levels massively improved! Being my husband’s carer, of course, this is hugely important for both of us! Kirsty has been an amazing support in more ways than she realizes! I can’t thank her enough for her expertise, compassion & care!

KIRSTY’S Specialities:

• Weight loss
• Stress
• Fatigue
• Acne
• Eczema
• Child Behavioural disorders

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