Lany Seidler

Why did you become a naturopath ?

I previously worked in advertising strategy and was moved to pursue natural medicine after receiving treatment for hormonal issues from my sister, who is also a naturopath, which I found life changing and inspired me to help others in the same way

Why did you join The Lucy Rose Clinic?

Because of the scientific, integrative approach to health, the work that we do and the amazing team that I get to brainstorm with and bounce ideas off every day. It is great to be able to work alongside and learn from such talented practitioners to help me give the best treatment and service possible to my patients.

What is the most memorable moment you’ve experienced at Lucy Rose?

Any moment where I am helping patients and all the small to big moments along the way. It is just as rewarding to put a patient with Hashimoto’s into remission as it is to be able to help someone feel more relaxed, hopeful and at ease about their health journey than when they walked through the door. They are all the memorable moments that make the job so amazing!

How do you think you can help patients?

I am a client-focused practitioner and a firm-believer in an integrative approach to health that works alongside conventional medicine and combines evidence-based practice with traditional knowledge to achieve the best results for the patient.

skills and education

BHsc(Naturopathy), Adv Dip Herbal Med, Adv Dip Nutrition, Adv Dip, Homeopathy, Dip Remedial Massage & Reflexology.

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