Bachelor of Naturopathy, Bachelor of Herbal Medicine.

Magda has been working in the natural health industry for more than 10 years.
Her passion for wellbeing and health started 20 years ago as a massage therapist, which then deepened her thirst for knowledge and her desire to be able to assist others in a more holistic way. She believes that functional testing truly allows us to see what is happening in our bodies on a cellular level because nutritional balance is fundamental to the workings of our body.

She is also a keen researcher into the effects of stress and it’s impact on the body and mind. She believes that nothing in our body functions in isolation and every system in the body is interrelated.

As a child, Magda had Chronic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, a condition that was her stepping stone into the world of natural medicine. It showed her the importance of diet, herbal medicine, stress management and the body’s innate ability to come back to homeostasis.

She loves taking walks along the ocean,Tai Chi, reading and researching information and spending time with friends.