Marissa Malvaso N.D – Practitioner

BHSc (Nat), BCom, BA

Marissa has a Bachelor of Health Science specialising in Naturopathic Medicine.

Her own health journey inspired her to become a naturopath.

On her discovery of natural medicine she recognised that many symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, stress and digestive disturbances were due to underlying thyroid concerns.

Marissa has an integrative approach and uses evidence-based medicine, functional testing and customized treatment plans to deliver optimal results to her patients.

Marissa has a special interest in skin health, autoimmune conditions, digestive disorders, chronic diseases and oncological support.

Marissa is a qualified naturopath and is registered Member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association. (ANTA)

What Others are saying about MARISSA


Very good service and helpful. Feeling a lot better now than when I first came. Wouldn’t hesitate recommending this Clinic to others mad.


After years of weight gain and then diets to lose it, fatigue, lack of energy, and thinking this is what post menopause was all about discovered an ad for Lucy Rose Clinic in the Qantas mag on a flight to see my daughter in QLD. I looked into that an after an initial appointment and a raft of tests it was discovered that my thyroid was a bit underperforming so that at last, there was a reason for my condition but also an avenue forward. Since being on the tablets and powder I have noticed a significant increase in energy and motivation. Whereas before I would only tackle one job a day now I do several plus do them much more thorough because I have the energy. I have started to sleep better as well as before I was awake several times a night. Doctors ignored the thyroid and kept insisting it was depression and other things but I am glad I visited the Lucy Rose Clinic as now I feel better than I have in ages, Thankyou Tiaan and team


I had my first apt at Lucy Rose Clinic Mornington….Sandy was very understanding and provided a lot of advice and detail, I highly recommend the Lucy rose clinic. Cant wait for my next appointment and start the journey to a healthier lifestyle. this is hugely important for both of us! Kirsty has been an amazing support in more ways than she realizes! I can’t thank her enough for her expertise, compassion & care!

MARISSA’S Specialities:

• Skin health
• Autoimmune conditions
• Digestive diorders
• Chronic disease
• Oncological support

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