Maya Muckalt

Maya is a qualified Naturopath, with a Bachelor of Health Science from the Endeavour College of Natural Health. Equally passionate about food as medicine, nutritional therapy and herbal medicine, Maya can’t help but go back to the philosophy of natural medicine: that the body has an innate ability to heal itself and when given the right tools, it will use this higher intelligence to get the body back in balance. Maya passionately believes about identifying and treating the cause, that prevention is the best cure and to treat the whole person, mentally, physically and spiritually, without doing any harm.

Maya has a keen interest in mental health, particularly stress, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders and plans to study a diploma in holistic counselling later in the year. She is also passionate about mindfulness meditation and how this can aid us on our healing journey. After obtaining an Honours degree in Creative Performance, Maya has a deeply creative side and in her spare time enjoys playing instruments and acting. She loves cooking and experimenting in the kitchen with her own recipes and will always have a thing or two fermenting on the kitchen counter!

With an understanding and empathetic approach, Maya is deeply excited about treating clients and getting them back to real health.

Maya is a fully accredited member of ATMS.