Sandy Barnes
Sandy’s journey started after her father died of a sudden heart attack. She knew food could be used as medicine and as a preventative and this inspired her to become a Nutritionist. Whilst studying Nutrition she was exposed to Naturopaths and the industry and decided to further her studies. Whilst studying naturopathy she found a love for herbs noticing the effects they had on conditions such asheart disease, thyroid health and many other diseases. She also saw the benefits of using herbs in conjunction with medications prescribed by a patients General Practitioner.

In 2010, Sandy owned and ran her own health food shop for 5 years, her main focus being weight loss, general health and sports exercise science. Sandy now has a strong understanding of weight loss and is skilled in writing out diet plans, incorporating the correct nutrients to achieve maximum results. Among other things, Sandy also has qualifications as an iridologist, tongue and nail analysis, body composition testing, and flower essence. She has a keen passion for cooking for her family, using food as medicine. Her favourite ingredient is Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, as it contains iodine and trace minerals and she recognises that it helps you absorbs more nutrients when digesting your food.Sandy has a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine and a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy.