Sandy Barnes

Sandy has a Double Bachelor Degree in Nutritional Medicine and Naturopathy and believes wholeheartedly in the power of food as medicine.

Sandy also has qualifications in Iridology (eye analysis), tongue analysis, finger nail analysis, massage, aromatherapy, bach and bush flower essences and body composition testing.

Sandy’s past experiences include owning and running a successful and vibrant health food shop for 5 years, she has written many diet plans for weight loss results, athletes, breastfeeding mums and thyroid patients. Sandy uses the most recent scientific information and research to tailor diet plans to individually suit each of her patients. Incorporating specific nutrients through food to get maximum and sustainable results.

Her professional strengths are assisting with weight loss and increasing energy. She can achieve these results through testing, assessing and individually motivating each client.

Sandy’s personal interests include exercising, spending time with her two young children, cooking for her family and making her own awesome paleo breakfast cereal.

Sandy loves sharing her passion for natural medicine with others and assisting people to achieve health and wellness through food choices. Sandy believes that power is gained by sharing knowledge, by sharing her knowledge with others, they are empowered to improve their own health and vitality.