Sandy Barnes

Why did you become a naturopath?

Sandy loves sharing her passion for natural medicine with others and assisting people to achieve health and wellness through food choices.

Sandy believes that power is gained by sharing knowledge, by sharing her knowledge with others, they are empowered to improve their own health and vitality

What is the most memorable moment you’ve experienced at Lucy Rose?

I had a lady who had to bought in by her husband, she was that unwell. Worked with her over a period of 4-6 months. Each time she got better and better. On the 3rd visit, could drive herself in. At the 6 month mark , hubby was in the consulting room and said “thank you for giving me my wife back!”. We where all crying as it really was a special moment. It’s amazing how powerful diet and natural medicine can be.

How do you think you can help patients?

By using the power of testing (blood, urine, saliva and oligoscan), we can get an accurate assessment of our clients health. With this science, we apply our natural therapies to it. We get quicker results as we are not guessing what is wrong with them.

skills and education

Bachelor of Health Science Nutritional Medicine – Nutritionist
Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy – Naturopath

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