Stephanie Watts – PRACTITIONER

Stephanie Watts

Why did you become a naturopath?

I began pursuing my career in Naturopathy in my early 20s due to a love of science. Although I don’t come from a background in natural medicine, my mother was a nurse, and I always admired her dedication to helping others.  I am completely enthralled by the human body and have always found reward in working with and serving the public. When I realised that I could use my interest in science and health to help others, I sought out a career in naturopathy, which emphasises the empowerment and education of our patients to improve their health and wellbeing through the most natural means possible.

Why did you join The Lucy Rose Clinic?

When you choose a career in Naturopathy, it often means long hours of solitary research, dedicating huge amounts of time to marketing and business management, and a lack of connection with other practitioners.  By working with The Lucy Rose Clinic, I can focus my time on helping my patients and leave the social media to those who are good at it. The technology, training, mentoring, testing facilities and protocols The Lucy Rose Clinic uses are state of the art, and I feel truly blessed to have access to this as a practitioner. It’s also wonderful to be connected with all of our practitioners nationwide, for support and comradery. 

What is the most memorable moment you’ve experienced at Lucy Rose?

I was seeing a lady who had fallen through the cracks of general medical practice and was told that no one could help her. When she came to me, she was a shell of a woman, and I could feel her scepticism in my ability to help her. With some thorough testing and a little digging, it was easy to see why prior treatments had not worked for her, and we set about working on a treatment plan. The first follow up she hadn’t really improved, as we were just setting the groundwork. She was a bit miffed.  But by the second and third follow up she was a “new woman”. I felt so proud of her and blessed to be able to help her. At her fourth follow up she was glowing and doing things she never thought she would be able to again. She gave me the biggest hug as she left that day and said thankyou from the bottom of her heart. That was one of my most memorable moments since starting with The Lucy Rose Clinic.

How do you think you can help patients?

I am a puzzle solver. I think most natural medicine practitioners are! Health is rarely straight forward, and all our body systems are connected. This is why we need to treat holistically. I really enjoy playing detective and getting to the bottom of complex cases, and I find great satisfaction when I find that one clue that pulls it all together. 

skills and education

Adv. Dip. Naturopathy, Adv. Dip. Nutritional Medicine

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