Tanya Kurzbock – PRACTITIONER

Tanya Kurzbock

Why did you become a naturopath ?

I was inspired to become a naturopath after a loved one became very sick with a terminal illness and we started looking for alternative treatment options. I had no idea that natural health had so much healing potential until we worked with a naturopath, who used diet, detoxification, mineral therapy, lifestyle modification and herbal medicine. My thirst to learn everything I could about alternative treatments was born, and I undertook tertiary education through Health Schools Australia to become a naturopath. Today I work to help others reclaim their spark and improve their lives with an holistic and dynamic healing program made according to their individual needs.


Why did you join The Lucy Rose Clinic?

To work and develop professionally working with thyroid and hormonal imbalance.

How do you think you can help patients?

If someone comes to me and they are ready for change, then I can help them. I always meet people where they are at, and gently push the comfort zone! Often the cause to illness is diet and stress, so these are areas that will need permanent changes made, which can be challenging, so often changes are gradual. Some people are all or nothing – so that’s how I will work with them. It depends on the individual. I offer solutions that I know work, or have experienced first hand myself, to help people get a great result.

skills and education

Adv Dip Naturopathy, Adv Dip Western Herbal Medicine, Adv Dip Nutritional Medicine

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