Tanya Kurzbock

Tanya is an avid animal lover and believes in the healing power of nature. She initially saw the healing power of natural medicine working with animals when pharmaceuticals could no longer help a very unwell dog.

The transformation from sickness to health inspired her to understand the mechanisms behind the healing response.

She later undertook a four year Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and sought mentors in the field with exceptional experience and knowledge.

Tanya has also faced cancer herself, and cared for a loved one with cancer. She understands the importance of collaborating with specialists and using the best health options at our disposal.

She successfully has used conventional medicine in combination with natural medicine to return to health and is cancer free.

She now uses natural medicine to treat any ongoing side effects from conventional intervention including, but limited to, nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, scenar therapy and homeopathy.

She believes in finding the root cause behind her patients presentation and empowers her patients to take ownership of their health and tune into their own body wisdom.

Tanya is passionate about her career and enjoys keeping up to date with science based research, professional seminars, and collaborating with other health professionals.

She is a fully registered and insured Naturopath who takes each person as a unique being which requires a unique treatment approach suited to their personal, emotional, and physical needs.

What Others are saying about TANYA


I first visited in December with symptoms of tiredness, weight gain, aches in my joints, palpitations. Now after 2 months I feel I am back to my old self of walking, going to the gym and with some more treatment I am hoping to get back to my normal weight.


Amazing transformation in a very short time, now I know what my concerns were eg. weight gain for no reason have been confirmed with the extensive tests that were necessary to help with my issues…


When I first came to Lucy Rose Clinic, my energy was really low, I felt sluggish, and I wouldn’t be getting my period. I’ve actually haven’t had it for about 2 years. The medication that LRC / Tiaan provides has helped me get my energy levels back as well as my regular periods back.

TANYA’S Specialities:

• Herbal medicine
• Acupunture
• Scenario therapy
• Homeopathy

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