Tiffany Smith
Adv Diploma of Naturopathy, Dip Counselling (currently completing)

Tiffany believes that to live the life you want, you need to be looking after yourself on all levels – physical, emotional and mental. Due to this belief system, Tiffany looks at all areas of your life so you can bounce out of bed in the morning with loads of energy, a great attitude and all the zest for life you need, as opposed to feeling exhausted, overweight and stressed out about your life.

The advances in science has enabled Tiffany to offer the best of integrative care for her clients, as she is enthusiastic about functional screening including pathology, as this provides the clearest information for what your body needs on a physical level. This means that the herbs and supplements she prescribes are tailored to your specific individual needs.

Along with this, Tiffany will discuss your emotional and mental states in order to help you feel the absolute best you can. She will also discuss exercise programs, make dietary recommendations and suggest tools to better handle the stresses in your life.

Tiffany prides herself on being compassionate ad supportive through your journey to health and wellness.