Zazen Shower Filters

  • Reduce 99% of chlorine and dangerous vapours
  • Reduce 99% of water soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, copper
  • The new and exclusive Zazen Shower Filter range protects you and your family against the damaging health and ageing effects of the chemicals in hot water.
  • The Dangers of that Hot Steamy Shower:
    • Recent studies link excessive chlorine and chlorine vapour exposure to breast, kidney (renal) and bladder cancers. It can also cause dry irritated skin, acne and hair damage. Chlorine is vapourised when heated. As you shower you inhale and absorb these vapours through your lungs and skin so these chemicals go directly into your blood stream!
    • Make the decision to protect your health by installing a zazen Shower Filter today. Experience the difference and join the health revolution!
  • Zazen Shower Filter additional benefits:
  • Reduce drying and irritation caused by chlorine and chemicals
  • May help reduce eczema and Improves water clarity
  • Prohibit growth of bacteria, fungi and Experience natural softness to hair, scalp and skin and reduces soap scum and calcium
  • Quick and easy to install – no plumber required!

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