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Have you always disliked drinking water? If so, its time to try this, it tastes totally different

  • Reduces 90% of flouride, encouraging a healthier hormonal system (only in counter top unit)
  • Easy to set up, no fuss, no plumbers needed
  • Bundle offers (Showerhead and Counter top unit) Don’t breathe toxic chemicals, all of these shower heads remove 99.9% chlorine.
  • Independent Government Testing for Quality assurance
  • Enjoy this water in your home for as little as 5cents a litre
  • For every 5 units sold – an Australian School is gifted Zazen water filters so that children have access to good drinking water
  • FREE gift worth $39.95 when you order from The Lucy Rose Clinic
  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • CALL NOW on 1300 THYROID (849764)

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